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what does CD4 stand ?

...What does CD4 stand for and why is it important to have a CD4 count above 200?
Eric Daar, M.D.

Response from Eric Daar, M.D.

UCLA School of Medicine
...When people refer to "CD4" they are usually talking about the lymphocytes, a type of immune blood cell in the body, that are infected by HIV and decline Read more »

Starting Treatment

Hi Doc, My CD4 is standing at 271 and my Viral load at 92356. The last four months my CD4 was 343.... Read more »

How can the CD4 cells be boosted?

My 60 year old mother recently had a CD4 count which stands at 102. She is on ARVs and she is not... Read more »
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Some AIDS-Defining Conditions Now Diagnosed at Higher CD4s

...period, MAC and AIDS-defining malignancies continued to decline while the rates of most other ADOCs had stabilized. However, what stands out is that average CD4 counts at a KS diagnosis increased over the three periods at 38, 107 and 143 cells.... Read more »
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...CCR5-tropic (R5) virus and CXCR4-tropic (X4) virus. (Tropism is pronounced with a long "o," as in "okay.") HIV latches on to the CD4 receptor on the surface of some human T-cells (hence, CD4+ T-cells), and then it latches on to one of the two... Read more »
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Immune Reconstitution

...thymus is a small gland that turns certain white blood cells into CD4cells, also called t-cells. In fact, the "t" in t-cell stands for thymus.Scientists have studied transplanting a human or animal thymus into an HIV+person. They have also tried... Read more »
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Clarithromycin (Biaxin)

...infections. See Fact Sheet 124 for more information on CD4 cells. One opportunistic infection in people with HIV is MAC. This stands for Mycobacterium avium complex. See Fact Sheet 514 for more information on MAC. People who have a CD4 cell... Read more »