What Causes Lipoatrophy In Upper Thighs

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Lipoatrophy without HIV

The left side of my body has been affected by lipoatrophy and is now starting to affect my right thigh. All the information I have found when someone is affected by lipoatrophy they also have been diagnosed with HIV. I do not have HIV but no doctor...
Nelson Vergel, B.S.Ch.E., M.B.A.

Response from Nelson Vergel, B.S.Ch.E., M.B.A.

Program for Wellness Restoration
...Lipoatrophy can happen to those without HIV. You may want to read this paper and contact one of the main investigators to find out if you Read more »

Insulin Lipoatrophy

I am desperately trying to find a treatment for the lipoatrophy I am suffering to due insulin... Read more »

When can I stop worrying about lipoatrophy?

I have been on Sustiva for 29 months and Kivexa for 12 months, previously Truvada.I am paranoid... Read more »
The Body

Transcript of The Body's Live Chat on Lipoatrophy (Fat Loss) With Dr. Joel Gallant

...Dr., [I had no problems with fat until I started Kaletra (generic name: lopinavir/ritonavir) and began to lose] fat on my legs, thighs, arms, and face and put on fat around my chest and stomach. My question is therefore simple: Is Kaletra worse... Read more »
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ACTG 5202 Substudy Finds Little Lipoatrophy but Signs of Bone Loss Across the Board; Devil Is in the Details

...could be accumulation of abdominal, or trunk, fat; or lipoatrophy, which is wasting of fat in the periphery, in the arms and legs. So that's why we looked at those two issues. What we found, in terms of bone, is that all the regimens that were... Read more »
Seattle Treatment Education Project

Lipoatrophy, the Ongoing Problem

...because of their concern of body changes. It is a concern for some individuals that when they start losing fat in their face or legs other people will know they have HIV and begin to discriminate against them because of their status. Clearly this... Read more »
The Well Project

HIV/AIDS and Lipodystrophy Treatments Part II: Treatments for Fat Loss

...the belly, or round lumps that appear under the skin(lipomas) Lipoatrophy: Loss of subcutaneous fat in the arms, legs, butt, or face(sunken cheeks) Blood fat and sugar changes (metabolic problems) ... Read more »
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Lipoatrophy but good labs--I really need some help

Posted by StandinOnFaith, 4 Replies
...of HIV education and resources here in Mississippi. I started noticing changes in my body composition about 4 years ago. My legs were slowly getting smaller, my wrists thinner, and my torso and belly bigger. Of course, at the time I was still in... Read more »


Posted by Anonymous, 3 Replies
...could anyone please tell me how they are dealing with lipo being a woman. I have lost fat in face, leg, butt, arms. I look like a preg. toothpick....my stomach is so big. I have been off HIV medication going on two years now and Read more »

Lipoatrophy correction

Posted by ConFe, 1 Reply
...I've been told about BioAlcamid to correct lipoatrophy, Does anybody have comments about this product. Also I'd like to know the Doctor's name who is in Tijuana Mexico? a friend of Read more »

Lipoatrophy Center

Posted by Bear60, 3 Replies
...here it is. It's something new at the BODY and includes personal interviews. Mostly has to do with reversing the effects of Lipoatrophy with cosmetic surgery I believe: http://www.thebody.com/lipo/index.html Anyone ever had any... Read more »