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What Are The Symptoms Of HAV

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Anti HAV IgM nonreactive, IgG reactive but showing present symptoms of Hep A

Hello, my four year old is presently showing symptoms of Hep A like yellow eyes and skin, dark yellow urine. Lab tests showed high bilirubin and urobilinogen. What stumping is his Anti HAV IgM is nonreactive and the Anti HAV IgG is reactive. He had...
Benjamin Young, M.D., Ph.D.

Response from Benjamin Young, M.D., Ph.D.

Rocky Mountain CARES
Hello and sorry to hear about your son.His symptoms and lab work are consistent with hepatitis- namely irritation of the liver. What is causing the liver irritation is the key question.Viral hepatitis is a possibility, though his current lab tests... Read more »

Anti HAV Total

Good Day.. I under go blood test for Hepatitis A, B and C.. and got a result for Anti HAV Total... Read more »


I was away on vacation a month ago in the carribean and got vaginal fluids on my hand and then... Read more »
AIDS Community Research Initiative of America

Viral Hepatitis and HIV

Hepatitis A What Is Hepatitis A and How Is It Transmitted? Hepatitis A is caused by the hepatitis A virus (HAV). HAV is spread from one person to another when the feces (shit) of someone with the virus gets into another person's mouth. People... Read more »
The Well Project

Hepatitis A and HIV/AIDS

Table of Contents What Is Hepatitis A? How Is Hepatitis A Spread? Prevention of HAV Diagnosis and Treatment What Is Hepatitis A? Hepatitis is an inflammation, or swelling, of the liver. Alcohol, drugs(including prescription... Read more »
Treatment Action Group

Guide to Hepatitis C for People Living With HIV

Other Viral Hepatitis Infections Hepatitis A (HAV) HAV is found in feces (stool). People become infected when feces from a person who is infected with HAV enters their mouth. This may occur when food (including raw or undercooked shellfish) or... Read more »
HIV i-Base

Other Viral Hepatitis Infections

Hepatitis A Hepatitis B Other viral hepatitis infections Hepatitis A Hepatitis A (HAV) is found in faeces (stool). People become infectedwhen faeces from an infected person enters theirmouth. This may occur when food (including raw... Read more »
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Hepatitis A:Causes,Symptoms,Prevention & Treatment

Posted by nov
This article
Aalso known as infectious hepatitis, is a liver disease caused by the Hepatitis A virus, HAV. This is comparatively a mild disease which does not progress to a chronic stage. Persons who have contracted the disease may have no symptoms... Read more »

HIV (Not ARS) Symptoms

Posted by Anonymous
I was reading on this board about HIV symptoms which differ from ARS. It seems pretty cut and dry - ARS has the flu-like symptoms and seems pretty devastating (seems as though the symtoms - if you have them - are pretty obvious - though admittedly... Read more »

severe symptoms

Posted by Anonymous, 2 Replies
Anyone know any other illnesses that can cause mono-like illness for 1 month, plus a week of diahrea during it? I ask because I tested negative for hiv 30 weeks after an exposure. 6 weeks after this low risk exposure, I developed all these symtoms,... Read more »

symptoms but still negative

Posted by joe_swiss, 2 Replies
Hi there,

I am in a weird situation: My pot. exposure was 5 months ago. I might have been in oral contact with menstrual blood of a former street drug user on May,11/12th 2002 (i was drunk) I am 26 and male.

HIV/ARS- symptoms started at week 2... Read more »