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Frequently Asked Questions About Crystal Methamphetamine

...drug as well. What are some physical signs that someone is using meth? Common indicators that someone is "tweaking" or using meth include grinding teeth, obsessive picking of the face or body, hallucinations (auditory or visual), euphoria, extreme energy, no sleep for 2-3 days, dramatic weight loss, paranoia, and aggressive behavior. Is it possible to overdose from methamphetamine? Yes, one can fatally overdose from use of...
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Psycological response to longterm HIV diagnosis?

I read a most interesting and self confirming article in the May/June Issue of PA (Positively Aware) magazine. It was titled, "Is it all in your head?" Since I have been diagnosed now being over 16 years, I have been finding myself depressed, mood...
Robert J. Frascino, M.D.

Response from Robert J. Frascino, M.D.

The Robert James Frascino AIDS Foundation
...changes can be seen using imaging methods, and characteristic alterations are apparent on autopsy).Neuropsychological TestingEarly signs of HIV-related neurocognitive impairment may be so subtle that affected individuals and their families and... Read more »


Doc. Bob,Do OCDers worry about throwing things away???? Please answer!!!!!!!!!!!!!Madge
Robert J. Frascino, M.D.

Response from Robert J. Frascino, M.D.

The Robert James Frascino AIDS Foundation
...become so remote as to be nonexistent. Regarding your "symptoms" the following morning, these were definitely not HIV related, as HIV symptoms take weeks, not hours or days, to show up! I'm glad to hear you live in a safe gated neighborhood. If... Read more »


Can floaters be a sign of HIV infection?
Alvan Fisher, M.D.

Response from Alvan Fisher, M.D.

Brown University School of Medicine
...In the eyes?I doubt it except with very advanced HIV complicated by CMV retinitis which would cause severe visual impairment.Alvan Fisher, M.D. Read more »

Signs and Symptoms

Why does my doctor want me to report headaches with nausea, vomiting, and abdominal pain with visual changes? What can this mean if I have these symptoms and are taking HIV meds?
Brian Conway, M.D.

Response from Brian Conway, M.D.

University of British Columbia
If you develop such symptoms along with a headache, the cause of the headache may be more serious. This could be a sign of pressure on your brain due to an infection or some other condition. Some opportunistic infections such as toxoplasmosis or... Read more »
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What Are the Symptoms of HIV and AIDS?

... When it comes to the symptoms of HIV/AIDS, there are three major points to keep in mind: There's a big difference between the symptoms of HIV and the symptoms of Read more »
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Women and HIV

...treated, they live as long as men. Fact Sheet 102 has more information on HIV testing. Gynecological problems can be early signs of HIV infection. Ulcers in the vagina, persistent yeast infections, and severe pelvic inflammatory disease (PID)... Read more »
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Older People and HIV

...diseases among older people, as they do for younger people. Physicians may not diagnose HIV infection in older people. Some early symptoms of HIV disease may appear to be signs of normal aging. The stigma of having HIV/AIDS may be worse for older... Read more »
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How to Spot HIV/AIDS Fraud

What Is HIV/AIDS Fraud? Warning Signs of an HIV Fraud Common Sense About Unproven Treatments Questions You Should Ask Take Your Time; Check It Out The Bottom Line What Is HIV/AIDS Fraud? HIV fraud is the promotion,... Read more »
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nodule on Parotid Papillae early sign of HIV?

Posted by Anonymous, 1 Reply
...suffering whith the following problem: In august 2001 I have had protected oral and latex protected vaginal sex (the condom was visually not broken)with a sex-worker and on some day in september i realised my possible risk for HIV. From that... Read more »

Whats your thoughts

Posted by nongra, 2 Replies
...about skin to skin stds such as herpes. I have no signs of anything but its only been a few day. I did not get right down and visually inspect the womans genital area however and did not notice anthing unusal. Should i be at all concerned about... Read more »

Worried well with alarming symptoms, few questions

Posted by scaredstiff, 4 Replies
...possible to experience a noticeable increase in eye floaters this soon after exposure? 8. Is it possible to experience early symptoms of HIV disaese this soon after possible infection without ever having a fever? If yes, how likely is it? I... Read more »

Please help faith, Gman Bill, Ravi or anyone else!

Posted by Anonymous, 5 Replies
...rashes on ankles and my right ankle became swollen, and still is swollen! I have also had numerous problems with ulcers and visual floaters. Also, which is depressing me the most my hair has been falling out since about 13 weeks after exposure. I... Read more »
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