Vision Problems With Hiv

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HIV, Anemia & Vision Problems

A history about my partner before I ask my question: Diagnosed with AIDS and CMV retinitis in May 2004 after losing complete vision in his left eye and was starting to experience loss of vision in his right eye. Also dropped from his normal weight...
Keith Henry, M.D.

Response from Keith Henry, M.D.

University of Minnesota, School of Medicine
I would be concerned about a return of his CMV (needs to be checked by eye doc) and about adrenal insufficiency. I some cases at our clinic we have empirically put patients on IL-2 to try and boost the CD4 count. If he is losing weight then a... Read more »

Vision Problems

Doc. I am concern about my vision I lost site in one eye and the good eye have floters what test... Read more »

Vision problems and Fatigue

I was diagnosed positive in November 2009. I have been on treatment with Atripla since that time. ... Read more »
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Nervous System Problems and Dementia

...problems require urgent medical attention. If you have serious headaches, especially with a fever, stiff neck, vomiting, or vision problems, or if you develop new weakness or loss of feeling, you should see your health care provider immediately. ... Read more »
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Cytomegalovirus (CMV)

...highest when CD4 cell counts are below 50. It is rare in people with 100 or more T-cells. The first signs of CMV retinitis are vision problems such as moving black spots. These are called "floaters." They may indicate an inflammation of the... Read more »

An Overview of Videx (Didanosine, ddI)

...dizzy, or lightheaded, and slow or irregular heartbeat; nerve problems, with symptoms of pain or tingling in hands or feet; vision problems such as blurred vision; or slowing of blood flow in the major vein of the liver, which could cause... Read more »
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Cryptococcal Meningitis

...diagnosis might allow treatment with less toxic drugs. Contact your health care provider if you have headaches, a stiff neck, vision problems, confusion, nausea, or vomiting. If you develop meningitis, you will probably have to continue taking... Read more »