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Types Of Treatment For Hiv

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The Well Project

Women and HIV/AIDS

...eight times more likely than women to develop Kaposi's sarcoma or KS (a cancer-like disease caused by a herpesvirus) Women tend to be diagnosed with HIV later in their disease than men andfewer women than men are getting HIV treatment. This can have a negative impacton women's health. Women may postpone medical care and treatment due to anumber of barriers including: Limited access to health care due to lack of insurance and/or...
Ask the Experts

Nano-Bees, Cancer treatment and HIV

Hi Dr Bob. I just finished reading your article about 20 years with HIV and just happened to watch the PBS special "Making Stuff:Making Stuff Smaller" linked here: a segment of the program it...
Robert J. Frascino, M.D.

Response from Robert J. Frascino, M.D.

The Robert James Frascino AIDS Foundation
Hi,Well, it's a theoretical way to attack infected cells. However, nano-technology is still in its early stages of research and development as a possible treatment for any disease. I'll keep you posted if the noon-bee (or nano-rhinoceros, for that... Read more »


Recently, Hootone Remedies from India announced and also intimated to National AIDS Control Orgn. that many of the HIV patients who had undergone treatment with Hooimm Plus had recorded Not Detected for HIV Antigen in Proviral DNA PCR Test, although...
Joseph McGowan, M.D., F.A.C.P.

Response from Joseph McGowan, M.D., F.A.C.P.

North Shore University Hospital controling or certainly not curing HIV. It is unfortunate that people try to take advantage of others in need with these types of promotion. Any truly effective treatment would welcome validation through scientifically sound clinical trials.... Read more »

HIV outside the USA

Hi, I know you can't be of much help to me seeing that I live in South Africa, but I am hoping you might have some advice for me anyway. Government systems in this country seem to be falling apart. It seems it's only getting worse. I do not trust...
Joseph McGowan, M.D., F.A.C.P.

Response from Joseph McGowan, M.D., F.A.C.P.

North Shore University Hospital
...Although many countries and organizations have made enormous strides making HIV treatment available to parts of the world where it is desperately needed, much more needs to be done. When future generations will look Read more »

Are there different types of HIV?

A guy that I have dated on and off contracted HIV many years ago through a blood transfusion. He says it is contained and he says that it is not the "viral kind". Is there more than one kind of HIV/AIDs and are the risk factors for myself the same?
Ryan M. Kull, C.S.W

Response from Ryan M. Kull, C.S.W

Columbia University's Health & Related Services
...There is no such thing as a "non-viral kind" of HIV. HIV is a virus (human immunodeficiency virus). If this guy was infected with HIV and you had sex without condoms (vaginal, Read more »
The Well Project

HIV Treatment Guidelines

...Guidelines? A branch of the US government, called the Department of Health and HumanServices (DHHS), has put together a set of HIV treatment guidelines. Theguidelines provide a lot of useful information to help health care providersand HIV+... Read more »
The Well Project

Understanding HIV-Related Lab Tests II: Viral Load, Resistance and Tropism

...itself(reproducing). If the drugs are working, your viral load should go down. Ifthere is a problem, your viral load may go up. One goal of HIV treatment is to keep viral load levels as low as possiblefor as long as possible. This gives you the... Read more »
Project Inform

Making Decisions About Therapies

...approaches, be aware of false and misleading medical information and claims about therapies. When you're reading about HIV and HIV treatments, consider the source of the information. Pharmaceutical companies that market HIV therapies have an... Read more »
The Well Project

Understanding HIV-Related Clinical Trials

...three phases of research, thecompany that makes the drug submits the study data to the FDA for approval.Because the need for treatments for HIV is so great, a drug company can applyfor something called accelerated approval if its drug offers... Read more »
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He Has HIV, She Doesn't--And They're in Love

Posted by Chloe1023, 1 Reply
...there are many such couples who don't bother. Shockingly, he says there's evidence showing that "lowering the viral load through HIV treatments and drugs could decrease risk. But this does not give HIV-couples 'free reign to behave... Read more »

Interferon and Hiv

Posted by ethan_hines, 2 Replies
Why doesn't pegylated Interferon work the same way with Hiv as it does with HVB/C?. Isn't Interferon very important in fighting RNA virus infections which Hiv is one of? How does Hiv get around its defence? Read more »

Newly Diagnosed!!!

Posted by BeerMe30, 4 Replies
...poisitive. I am sure my numbers have changed in the past weeks. I am still waiting to meet with my doctor. Nervous about what kind of medication I will be on and what my genotype is etc. The nurse said I can live "normally". My concerns... Read more »


Posted by Anonymous, 1 Reply
...conducting an abundance of research on all areas of HIV infection, including developing and testing preventive HIV vaccines and new treatments for HIV infection and AIDS-associated opportunistic infections. Researchers also are investigating... Read more »