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I took PEP / TRUVADA for 14 days (of the reuired post exposure 28 days) and got really sick with an unrelated illness & stopped for 7 days. any point in starting up again ?
Benjamin Young, M.D., Ph.D.

Response from Benjamin Young, M.D., Ph.D.

Rocky Mountain CARES
...Hello and thanks for your post.IMO, at this point, I think that you've derived the majority benefit of PEP; resuming treatment after a 7 day interruption (and Read more »

missed day 2 of Truvada

I started a pep regimen of Truvada and Combivir within 24 hours after my hiv exposure. On day 2 I... Read more »

Post-Exposure Prophylaxis, Occupational Exposure

Hi Dr Frascino, I am a medical resident and today suffered an occupational injury from an AIDS... Read more »
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Truvada Prevents Rectal HIV Infection in Monkeys

...taking it daily to prevent HIV infection. This animal study also explored the effectiveness of using Truvada shortly after an exposure to prevent infection, called PEP or Post-Exposure Prevention . PrEP studies using Truvada are ongoing in... Read more »
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...processed by the kidneys, it can damage the liver. Truvada as PEP (Post-Exposure Prophylaxis) I think I recently had an exposure to HIV, though the status of the person who may have exposed me was unknown. I presented at the hospital 12... Read more »
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The Promise of Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis

...(1995). Centers for Disease Control. "Case-Control Study of HIV Seroconversion in Health-Care Workers After Percutaneous Exposure to HIV Infected Blood. France, United Kingdom, and United States. January 1988 - August 1994." Morbidity and... Read more »
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Non-Occupational Post Exposure Prevention

...Factors In Where Can You Get nPEP? Commentary Introduction If you are reading this because you've had a possible exposure to HIV within the last 72 hours and you are considering nPEP, call your doctor, an nPEP study site... Read more »
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Post-Exposure Prophylaxis (PEP) - Help

Posted by MF2010
...Hi all, I've been exposed to HIV in the beginning of this month. My condom completely broke and i had sex for a couple of minutes completely exposed. I suspect Read more »

So worried - 3 month test next week post-PEP

Posted by 5parkl3, 1 Reply
...OCD, and one of my main fears is HIV infection). I was on Truvada (1 daily) and Kaletra (2 twice daily), started at 15 hours post-potential-exposure but misread the instructions due to the state I was in, and only took 1 Kaletra tablet twice... Read more »

Need help and assurance - peculiar exposure

Posted by cricket, 1 Reply
...mark after warts appeared. Herpes, HIV 1/2, Hep B/C, Sypillus, Gonn and Cly - all negative at 60 day mark. 1) Could I have been exposed to HIV due to that foreskin-handjob incident? Started having symptoms....also what about the rubbing and boob... Read more »

17 week post exposure with symtoms

Posted by Anonymous, 2 Replies
Well it comes down to this. Tested negative at 17 weeks for HIV 1/2 abs using the Elisa. Proviral DNA at 17 weeks indicated negative no HIV DNA Detected. Previous testing at 29 days with the hiv1 RNA PCR indicated not detected <50 co/ml. Would... Read more »