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my doctor asked me to stop my HIV medication.

iam HIV positive i have been taking medication for 3years. but now my doctor say i should stop for 2 weeks because he want to change the medicine. will this make my disease worse since you are suppose to have the same levels of medicine in your...
Keith Henry, M.D.

Response from Keith Henry, M.D.

University of Minnesota, School of Medicine
...In most cases when switching/changing HIV meds would directly go from one regimen to another without a complete interruption of treatment (that can lead to development Read more »

switching from meds to alternative

Is it possible to switch from meds to alternative treatments after being on meds for 10 years? Read more »

what should i do

my viral load is 174000 and my cd-4 is 75 i recently been placed on dunovir ... Read more »
The Center for AIDS

Stopping Medications in an Emergency: A Guide for HIV+ People specialist first. Some HIVmedications require important consideration before re-starting them. One example includes drugs that can stay in the body for a long time such as Sustiva, Viread, or Truvada. When a person stops taking a... Read more »
Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation

New York Times Examines Efforts to Reduce Number of HIV-Positive Patients in Africa Who Stop Taking Their Medications

...Times , David Tuller of the University of California, Berkeley, writes of his experience shadowing a counselor with Family AIDS Care and Education Services (FACES), an organization in Kisumu, Kenya, that is working to identify patients who have... Read more »
Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation

In Lab Experiment, Two Cancer Drugs Successfully Stop HIV

..."University of Minnesota researchers say they have found a potential new treatment for HIV, using a mixture of two anti-cancer drugs that are already on the market," Star Tribune reports. In the lab, drugs gemcitabine and decitabine were... Read more »
Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation

Some HIV-Positive People in Zambia Stopping Antiretroviral Treatment for Alternative Drugs, Health Official Says

...Zambia/ reports. Puma was speaking in Lusaka, Zambia, at the launch of a Network of Zambian People Living With HIV/AIDS policy dialogue. He said that some people in the country are paying for alternative remedies to treat HIV/AIDS... Read more »
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Posted by sbev1981
...know that changing your life style from here on out mean living a healthy life, good nutrition, no alcohol beverage, and no drugs. You will get mixed thoughts on this but my philosophy is anything that will suppress your Immune System is not good... Read more »

medication, thinking to stop taking it:

Posted by Anonymous, 6 Replies
...What would happen if i decide to stop taking my medication that i am on, Combovir & Sustiva? Would i get really sick & the disease would progrest to the point that i would die? Read more »

Rutgers researchers may have stopped HIV

Posted by Anonymous, 7 Replies
...HIV Associated Press - December 12, 2004 Piscataway, N.J. - Researchers at Rutgers University have developed a trio of drugs they believe can destroy HIV, the virus that causes AIDS, according to a published report. The drugs, called DAPYs,... Read more »

Off medications and doing well

Posted by Anonymous
... I am a 46 yo male with AIDS. Diagnosed in 1993 my t-cells have remained below 200 since. A year ago today I stopped taking HIVmedications and immediately Read more »