Small Figer Prick And Bleeding

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Needle prick

I and a coworker were hanging pictures at work. The laser leveler we were using has a sharp pin that allows you to mark points. After he pricked his finger on it, I mistakenly did the same thing. I immediately squeezed my finger and a small pin-head...
Barbara McGovern, M.D.

Response from Barbara McGovern, M.D.

Tufts University School of Medicine
I would see your physician and discuss this issue further. Routine testing should be considered, but I wouldn't lose any sleep over it either. Read more »

Fingering and HIV - Legitimate Question

Hi Dr. Bob,I took a Home Access HIV home test on Wednesday where you prick your fingertip (it was... Read more »

hcv risk?

Hi, I was at a public fitness club and pricked my finger on the saftey pin that was attached to the... Read more »
AIDS InfoNet


...cause megaloblastic anemia, where red blood cells are large and pale (see Fact Sheet 121 ). Damage to bone marrow or kidneys. Blood loss from internal bleeding or a woman's menstrual cycle. Destruction of red blood cells (hemolytic anemia). ... Read more »
The Well Project

Oral Sex: What's the Real Risk for HIV?

...different levels of risk ranging from less than 1% toabout 8%. The take home message of these studies is that oral sex carries a small butreal risk. Tips for Safer Oral Sex Oral sex is more risky if you or your partner have an untreated... Read more »
San Francisco AIDS Foundation

HIV Testing

...HIV Rapid testing for HIV has become one of the most prominent ways that people receive HIV tests today. In as little as 20 minutes, you can find out your HIV status. Rapid tests work similarly to traditional HIV test: they look for antibodies... Read more »
AIDS InfoNet

Exercise and HIV

...turn your food into muscle. Take it easy, and work exercise into your daily activities. Work up to a schedule of at least 20 minutes, at least three times per week as long as you are feeling better. This can lead to significant improvements in... Read more »
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Hiv exposure question.. help please

Posted by uncleargyle, 1 Reply this. I can't seem to find a straight answer. Also I didn't really see any blood on the scissors so it would have been a small amount. Should I test to be sure or should i let this go. By the way.. when i found out this person was positive I... Read more »

Taking 20 min Oraquick finger prick tomorrow at 14

Posted by ExWorryWart, 5 Replies
...For better or worse, I finally decided I will just go and get a conclusive test by Oraquick Finger Prick rapid test done 14 weeks past my exposure. My rational mind says: I have extremely low risk (unprotected oral/fingering) Tested Read more »

worried of getting stabbed with hiv in my foot

Posted by worried1234, 3 Replies
...checked my feet to see if there were any puncture wounds or blood,i didnt see any blood,so i tried to ignore this,but then 20 minutes later i started to become paranoid and i went back to check the area to look to shiny needle objects,i didnt... Read more »

Whats the point

Posted by Anonymous, 2 Replies
in making fun of someone so paranoid ? instead of singing just give him a nice long answer and tell me whats the point of the song and what its about ? Read more »
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