Serostim Vs. Genotropin

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Genotropin Vs Serostim

Hi Doctors,I'm HIV+ since 11/98 and not on meds at this time. My VL and CD4 have been checked every 2 months and have remained consistantly at about VL 35,000 and CD4 480. Since I've been stable, I'm still deciding when to start meds. I am using...
Alvan Fisher, M.D.

Response from Alvan Fisher, M.D.

Brown University School of Medicine
...Genotropin is P-and-U's version of human growth hormone. It is presumably the same as any other version (including serostim), but there Read more »


I have been living with AIDS for almost 10 years and wasting has always been a problem. My face is... Read more »

Neutropin and genotropin

I've recently been told that the growth hormone Serostim is NOT a good solution to promoting muscle... Read more »

An Overview of Somatropin (Serostim, Genotropin)

... soe-ma-TROE-pin Brand Name: Genotropin, Serostim Other Name(s): Growth hormone (human), Human growth hormone, Humatrope, Norditropin, Nutropin, Nutropin AQ, Somatropina, Read more »
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HIV/AIDS and Lipodystrophy Treatments Part I: Treatments for Fat Gain

Table of Contents Introduction Treatments for Fat Gain Taking Care of Yourself Introduction Fat is needed for the body to function. It plays an important role inkeeping the skin and hair healthy, protecting body organs, and... Read more »
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Tesamorelin and Excess Deep Belly Fat

Introduction Body Shape Changes Study Volunteers Study Design Side Effects Study Results Project Inform's Perspective Introduction Studied as a way to reduce excess deep belly fat, the synthetic human growth hormone... Read more »
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Wasting Syndrome

What Is AIDS Wasting? What Causes AIDS Wasting? How Is Wasting Treated? The Bottom Line What Is AIDS Wasting? AIDS wasting is the involuntary loss of more than 10% of body weight, plus more than 30 days of either diarrhea, or... Read more »
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SRCHFRANS34.....8 weeks vs. 3 months vs 6 months

Posted by stupidgirl, 2 Replies
In the U.K they ask that you get your final test at the 3 month mark As for the USA, most people that are positive have multiple partners and don't know when the exposure was exactly they asks for six months. The CDC says to get tested at 6 months... Read more »


Posted by 30YEAROLDMOTHER, 6 Replies
Now i know that AIDS is the end stages of HIV but I just was thinking - And wanted to see if anyone knows. IF I (just say me for example) Had unprotected sex with a men that has AIDS Vs HIV is there a high change that I would get the virus? See this... Read more »

Question: Oral vs. Ear Thermometers

Posted by Freaked_Ben, 1 Reply
Which is considered more accurate? Mine have significant difference between them. Read more »


Posted by Anonymous
I have serostim I can not use as my diabetes is bad. I have 3 months worth of my own prescription. I will sell it. Please e-mail me at if you are interested in purchasing the Serostim. Serious replies only. Read more »