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Treatment gone wrong - Sculptra Nodules

I was given a treatmen ( 3 sessions of sculptra) at a London nhs clinic... the problem now is that after doing the 5/5/5 massaging. and 2 months later I have a minimum of 5 nodules (bumps on each of my temples... is it possible to have this...
Gerald Pierone, M.D.

Response from Gerald Pierone, M.D.

AIDS Research and Treatment Center of the Treasure Coast
...Hello and thanks for posting. Sometimes nodules develop from Sculptra in spite of best efforts. When this occurs a touch up treatment to fill in the depressions between the Read more »

Sculptra nodules

I had sculptra injections. The first two did nothing so than for the first time my doctor informed... Read more »

Sculptra facial nodules

I think it is much more common from what I read on this site and others that nodules from Sculptra... Read more »
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...possible for an insertive partner to be infected with HIV? HIV/AIDS & BODY SHAPE CHANGES   How Do I Deal With Sculptra Nodules in My Face? I have developed several visible nodules on my face from Sculptra (poly-L-lactic acid,... Read more »

An Overview of Poly-L-Lactic Acid (Sculptra, New-Fill)

...these effects are known at this time. Serious side effects have been rare and include lightheadedness and faintness, swelling of nodules developed under the skin, temporary numbing of the face, and severe allergic reaction. Individuals should... Read more »
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...mild to moderate. Symptoms could include itching, swelling, redness, pain or tenderness, hardened skin or bumps. Bumps termed "nodules" seem to occur more frequently and severely in areas of high muscle mass (most notably the center of the... Read more »

An Overview of Fuzeon (Enfuvirtide, T-20)

...effects. The most common side effect is reaction in the skin where the shot was given that may cause bruising, cysts, itching, nodules, pain, and redness. Ninety-eight percent of patients will experience skin reactions. Serious side effects of... Read more »
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nodule on Parotid Papillae early sign of HIV?

Posted by Anonymous, 1 Reply
...(4 months later) wich was negative. What do you think: could this be early HIV? Do i need to retest? And do you have these nodules also in your inner cheeks? Please answer! Thank you very much for your answers and greetings from an unsure 20... Read more »

BUMPS on chest and NECK for 3 months-- PLZ HELP

Posted by finallyfindigout
...popping up on my chest and neck-- derm said I had scabies a month ago, which I treated for and that these bumps were post-scabetic nodules- I won't see him til end of week but am awaiting my HIV results on Monday... I'm FREAKING OUT as I have... Read more »

Is this HIV or something else??

Posted by Micky2
...bleeding or, outside the common thing and now the feet have swollen me Barbarian, with pair of abscesses that or seem erisipela or nodules to the height of the ankle, in addition to which I feel a great pain, weakness and decay in the feet. Also... Read more »

lymph nodes in hands

Posted by scaredinIL, 2 Replies
...Does anyone know if there are lymph nodes near the knuckles of your hands? I seem to have two little nodules on each side of each of my knuckles. Please help!! Read more »