Red Spots After Vaginal Sex Worried I Have HIV

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Oral Sex: What's the Real Risk for HIV?

...Taking Care of Yourself The chances of HIV being transmitted from an HIV+ person to an HIV-negativeperson depends on the type of contact. HIV is most easily transmitted throughunprotected (no condoms) anal sex, unprotected vaginalsex, and sharinginjection drug equipment. Oral sex has been shown to be less risky than these activities, but it isnot risk-free. It is also possible to get other sexually-transmitteddiseases (STDs), such as...
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Worried from India (mumbai)

Hello Bob,Greetings !!!Truly appreciate the good work you do for those worried & impacted with HIV. Here is my situation,On June 26th 2008, I had an exposure with a CSW at Mumbai.While this was my first such sexual situation ever, as expected I was...
Robert J. Frascino, M.D.

Response from Robert J. Frascino, M.D.

The Robert James Frascino AIDS Foundation
...Hi,1.No.2.No. Your repeatedly negative HIV ELISA tests out to nine months are definitive and conclusive. You are HIV negative.3.No.4.No.You're welcome!Dr. Bob Read more »

Seriously Worried +donation

First off I understand you cannot answer all questions due to volume. I had sex with a pro 3 weeks ago, Vaginal and oral ( both with a condom). I went to the doctor(dermatologis) a week later beause I was itching and had some acne like bumps on my...
Robert J. Frascino, M.D.

Response from Robert J. Frascino, M.D.

The Robert James Frascino AIDS Foundation
...permeate intact latex. No way. No how. Therefore, if you really understand this statistic, I see absolutely no reason why you are "worrying yourself to hell!"What can you do right now? Believe the stats and stop worrying. If you can't control... Read more »

could this be hepatitus and hiv coinfection????window period and anxiety please pleeeeeease answer

im a male teen from the uk and recently had unprotected vaginal sex where the female had bleed throughout as she was on her period i feel so guilty and havent seen or heard from the girl since this episode and i therefore do not know her status....
Barbara McGovern, M.D.

Response from Barbara McGovern, M.D.

Tufts University School of Medicine
...testing. As for hepatitis viruses, the one that is transmitted the easiest is hepatitis B; hepatitis C is not commonly transmitted sexually. If you are a teen then you may have already been vaccinated for hepatitis B in the past. You can check... Read more »

Are anal secretions contagious with HIV ?

Dear, Doc.First of all thank you for your time, I had an encounteer with a male sex worker on the 30 of december 2006 i was given oral sex with a condom which he gave me, and insertive anal sex afterwards also with a condom but i pulled it off when...
Robert J. Frascino, M.D.

Response from Robert J. Frascino, M.D.

The Robert James Frascino AIDS Foundation an HIV-antibody test at the three-month mark. Tests taken prior to three months are not considered to be definitive. Don't worry about "symptoms," as they are notoriously unreliable in predicting who is and is not HIV infected.Take some time... Read more »
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HIV and Safer Sex

...risky activities: Penetrative Sex (Sex in Anus or Vagina) Penetrative sex is considered the highest-risk activity. For both vaginal and anal sex, use latex condoms and water- or silicone-based lubricant (lube) to prevent the condom from... Read more »
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What Are the Symptoms of HIV and AIDS?

...happen if a scab or a sore spot on your skin brushes against a surface that looks as if it has dried blood on it): unprotected vaginal or anal sex (especially if you're the one providing the vagina or anus) sharing injection drug equipment,... Read more »
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High Anxiety: AIDS Anxiety in the Worried-Wells and Worried-Sicks, Part One

... Read Part Two of this blog entry, posted on Sept. 23, 2010. Fear of an Epidemic Resulting in an Epidemic of Fear: The Worried-Wells Imagine being so frightened of contracting an illness that you begin believing God is sending you bad omens... Read more »
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High Anxiety: AIDS Anxiety in the Worried-Wells and Worried-Sicks, Part Two

...predisposed to anxiety, individuals facing physical challenges, such as chronic illness like HIV/AIDS or cancer, experience excessive worry and fear at a higher rate than the general population. The challenges associated with a virus that wants... Read more »
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unprotected oral, protected vaginal sex -- HELP

Posted by bluestar, 4 Replies
...down so maybe there was a nick in it with her fingernails? Then she put it back in her mouth for about 30 seconds. Then I had vaginalsex that lasted only a minute or two. When I withdrew the condom was intact, I held it and it had all the cum... Read more »

Very worried, need help please

Posted by John1, 1 Reply
...Okay, I had unprotected vaginalsex with some girl. A few days later I walked in the rain and caught a cold. Ten days after I slept with her I then panicked Read more »

someone answer please

Posted by Anonymous
...84 days. I was tested in a miltary US military hospital. I am concerned now because for the last 3 weeks I have these small red spots that hurt around the tip of my tongue. Sometimes in the morning there is a little white covering on them that... Read more »

Really Worried

Posted by Anonymous, 3 Replies to go get tested at an HIV clinic (5days later). Every thing comes back negative. Six days later I began developing red spots on the edges of my lips that increased in size and crusted/peeled over eventually after a few days. I took... Read more »
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