Purple Spots Could I Have HIV

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Early Infection Health Issues

I was diagnosed a month ago, and I am confident that I was infected approximately 6 months ago. As of a month ago, my initial T Cell readings were 215 at 25% and my VL was 403,000. These troubling numbers so early are worrying me. In addition, I...
Robert J. Frascino, M.D.

Response from Robert J. Frascino, M.D.

The Robert James Frascino AIDS Foundation
...count, but is more common and much more severe at lower counts. If you're concerned about your purple spot, show it to your HIV specialist or an HIV-knowledgeable dermatologist. As for when and what to start, that's a lengthy discussion you... Read more »

Is bruising for an HIV+ person usually a sign to start ARVS?

Hi, my fiancee has a t-cell count of 900 and viral load of 8000. Just recently she has been getting... Read more »

Need Help from Dr. B

Hey Dr.Bob! How are you doing I love the work you do and appreciate it. I am a 18yr male and a ... Read more »
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How to Spot HIV/AIDS Fraud

... What Is HIV/AIDS Fraud? Warning Signs of an HIV Fraud Common Sense About Unproven Treatments Questions You Should Ask Take Your Read more »
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Kaposi's Sarcoma (KS)

...be diagnosed by looking at the skin lesions. They are usually flat, painless, and do not itch or drain. They can look like a bruise, but a bruise will lose its purple color if you push on it; a KS lesion won't. KS lesions can grow into raised... Read more »
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What Are the Symptoms of HIV and AIDS?

... When it comes to the symptoms of HIV/AIDS, there are three major points to keep in mind: There's a big difference between the symptoms of HIV and the symptoms of Read more »
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Women and HIV/AIDS

... Table of Contents A Look at the Numbers Is HIV Different for Men and Women? Treatment in HIV+ Women: Efficacy, Side Effects, and Drug Interactions Gynecological Issues Read more »
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weird purple spots!

Posted by Anonymous, 2 Replies
...ive been poz for almost 2 years now. i havent been sick or anything but yesterday i noticed weird purple spots like bruises on my body, on my upper arms and on my legs near my knees. their small and they dont hurt but they look gross. i Read more »

Why Me Guy Update

Posted by Anonymous
...YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!! OK, my results were negative. Do I feel better? Yes Do I still think I have HIV? Well I don't know. I still have purple spots in my mouth, diareah, rashes. I will make an appointment with an HIV clinic about 60... Read more »

Need some input from all you peeeeeeeeeeeeeeps!!

Posted by Anonymous, 2 Replies
...those in cyberland. I just wanted to share my story in hopes that I might get your honest opinion to my possible exposure to HIV. I am awaiting my test results in a few days and I am relly nervous and scared. Here is my story. I had Protected... Read more »

Purplish spot on arm

Posted by Anonymous, 4 Replies
...sized. It has been there for a while now. Is there anything but KS that can appear like that on skin? If I was exposed to HIV, it was over ten years ago. Never thought any contact with my last boyfriend was risky and he was neg. when I was... Read more »