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Facial Wasting Prezista/Norvir/Truvada vs. Atripla

Hi, let me begin by thanking you for your great work on, you can't imagine how helpful this site has been in the year since I've been diagnosed with HIV..I was diagnosed last year at the age of 23 and immediately began taking...
Gerald Pierone, M.D.

Response from Gerald Pierone, M.D.

AIDS Research and Treatment Center of the Treasure Coast
...combinations. Both choices are potent and control HIV replication in the majority of patients. However, protease inhibitors like Prezista have been linked to a greater risk of metabolic disturbances and cardiovascular disease. They are also... Read more »

Truvada, prezista + norvir

Hi:) I am currently taking Atripla. We are considering pregnancy in the future (within a year) and... Read more »

Is my treatment working? Prezista+Truvada+Norvir

Hi, I recently started taking HIV medicines, May 22nd of this year to be exact. When I started... Read more »

Recommended HIV Treatment Regimens

...anti-HIV medication. Isentress is also called raltegravir. Norvir: an anti-HIV medication. Norvir is also called ritonavir. Prezista: an anti-HIV medication. Prezista is also called darunavir. Regimen: a combination of three or more... Read more »
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...Avoid Renal Toxicity? For over three years I have taken Epivir (lamivudine, 3TC), Viread (tenofovir), Reyataz (atazanavir) and Norvir (ritonavir). My viral load is undetectable and my CD4 count is 400, but I would like to switch away from Viread... Read more »

Regímenes Terapéuticos Recomendados para el VIH

...primera vez están los siguientes (por ordenalfabético): Atripla * Kaletra ** + Truvada Lexiva + Norvir + TruvadaPrezista + Norvir + Truvada Reyataz + Norvir + Truvada Sustiva * + Truvada * No los tome si tiene planes... Read more »
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STEP 6: Choosing the Right HIV Treatment

...diagnosed in 1995 To read more about David, click here . Atripla (a single pill containing three HIV meds) Reyataz plus Norvir plus TruvadaPrezista plus Norvir plus Truvada Isentress plus Truvada Twice-daily Kaletra plus Combivir... Read more »
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Prezista + Norvir + Truvada

Posted by notreadyforthis, 1 Reply
...So I took my first dose of meds last night. My doctor started me on this combo: Prezista (darunavir), two 300mg tabs, plus Norvir (ritonavir), one 100mg soft gelcap, plus Truvada (emtricitabine+tenofavir) one 200mg/300mg Read more »

Prezista with out food

Posted by personpitch, 1 Reply
...I've been on meds for exactly one week. So far I've had no major side effects, and am quite pleased. I'm on Truvada+Prezista+Norvir. Today I went out to dinner and had a big meal at about 7:30. I take my meds at 9:00, and took them as... Read more »

Medication Mishaps

Posted by personpitch, 1 Reply
...morning, but in the meantime I thought I'd try here. So I picked up my medications today during my lunch hour. I take Norvir/Prezista/Truvada. The Norvir is a capsule and it's supposed to be refrigerated. I absent mindedly left them in my care... Read more »

Looking for a kool kat.

Posted by TanorexicT, 4 Replies
...and figure out what to do, my CD4 count had fallen to 201. This scared the hell outta me. My doctor put me on Septra and also Norvir, Prezista, and Truvada. I've had a hard time accessing the medicine because of cost. Each month I go about a week... Read more »
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