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Any filler in the states being used for buttocks?

I know in other counties they are allowed to use other fillers for buttock wasting, but do we have anything here that will help? I realize the volume needed would be expensive regardless..Is anyone offering anything off label even?
Gerald Pierone, M.D.

Response from Gerald Pierone, M.D.

AIDS Research and Treatment Center of the Treasure Coast
...The short answer is no. We have no filler options for buttock lipoatrophy in the United States. Silicone implants are available, but are expensive, and the outcomes are Read more »

legs and buttock wasting

Dear Dr, I have been HIV for 5 years now and was once on Tri-immune for two years that completely... Read more »

Treatment options for replacing fat in the legs / buttocks?

I have mild lipodystrophy right now, but am not currently on any meds. I would like to get some... Read more »
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Second Bioplasty Congress in Mexico: PMMA for Facial and Buttock Lipoatrophy

...cement. PMMA has presented a good degree of bio-compatibility and as a result it has been extensively used as a soft tissue filler, bone cement, component of denture materials and tooth bond, housing for pacemakers and intra-ocular and contact... Read more »
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...About Shots for My Legs and Butt? I have mild lipodystrophy right now, but am not currently on HIV meds. I'd like to get some filler treatments before I have to go on meds so that I can head off the lipodystrophy before it potentially becomes... Read more »
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HIV/AIDS and Lipodystrophy Treatments Part II: Treatments for Fat Loss

... Table of Contents Fat in the Body Switching HIV Drugs Fat Loss in the Face Temporary Facial Fillers Permanent Facial Fillers Taking Care of Yourself Fat in the Body Fat is needed for the body to function. It plays Read more »
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...get insurance coverage for Sculptra? What besides PMMA [short for poly(methyl methacrylate)] is available as a permanent filler for facial lipoatrophy? Personal Stories I just wanted to point out that there are such things as... Read more »
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Posted by bradford
...antiretroviral drugs used to treat HIV infection and AIDS. BIO-ALCAMID RECEIVES HEALTH CANADA APPROVAL! The Injectable Filler Offers an Effective, Affordable Treatment for Facial Lipoatrophy, the Facial Wasting Associated with HIV Infection... Read more »

Sarcal dimple

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How many knopw what a sarcal dimple is ? Read more »

sombody please give me some advice!!

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...more like dry skin, evan after i shower,,,it's dry. the other rash i have is on my inner thighs up and around my waist and my buttocks. im so scared,,not for me,,but for my loved ones,,i dont want them to be hurt if i do have HIV,,,i think about... Read more »


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...silicone and it looks amazing three years later with no problems. I also wanted to address the problem with wasting I had in my buttocks. I work out four times a week, and squats and other buttock exercises did nothing. The sinking in the... Read more »