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Platelet Disorder Hiv Toxic Mold

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Toxic Mold Exposure

I am currently having my home evaluated for toxic mold. Mold became visible growing around the force air vents in the ceiling in several areas of my home. One vent is literally over my head in bed and the other in my main bathroom. About 10 months...
Eric Daar, M.D.

Response from Eric Daar, M.D.

UCLA School of Medicine
There are many factors that may be associated with a suddent decline in CD4 cells. This includes changes in the virus or your body's ability to fight the virus. Although I can not be certain, I think it is less likely to be related to... Read more »

Low Blood platelets - itp

My HIV infection occurred 10 months ago and my HIV diagnosis was made 30 May 2012. The medication... Read more »

Overdose toxicity vs. HIV

I had two events that I can't determine what caused the symptoms (month long joint pains,... Read more »
Canadian AIDS Treatment Information Exchange

Are Platelets a Window Into the Brain?

Platelets, the second most common type of blood cell, are tiny disc-shaped cells. The main role that platelets play in the body is that of damage control. When platelets sense injured blood vessels, they become activated and release chemical signals... Read more »
Canadian AIDS Treatment Information Exchange

EuroSIDA Study Finds a Signal of Kidney Toxicity With Tenofovir or Atazanavir

The kidneys are a target of HIV infection. Long-term infection causes inflammation, which slowly degrades these organs. The EuroSIDA dataset contains health-related information on almost 17,000 HIV-positive people from 35 countries. EuroSIDA can... Read more »
HIV i-Base

Side Effects and Management Strategies

Side effects overview Liver toxicity and HIV drugs Therapeutic drug monitoring (TDM) Depression, anxiety, and other psychiatric side effects Flu-like symptoms, weight loss and fatigue (feeling tired) Anaemia, neutropenia and... Read more »
U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Ghana: Mold Toxins Tied to AIDS Epidemic

A new study from researchers at the University of Alabama at Birmingham and colleagues has examined the impact of aflatoxins on the AIDS epidemic in Africa. Aflatoxins are poisons produced by aspergillus fungi that can be found on damp grains, nuts,... Read more »
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LOW platelet and joint pain

Posted by Anonymous, 1 Reply
I am 32 male from toronto. I have been diagnosed to low platetlet in 1997 and range is 45 to 95. It goes up and down but mostly i am within this range. I was told by my bood specialist that ITP. They don't know the cause of it. Well, same time... Read more »

A Toxic Combination

Posted by Choosing2Liv, 9 Replies
If my dilemma was:

- just dealing with the virus; or

- just suffering with the guilt of cheating on my wife; or

- just the feelings of rejections by those who said they loved me; or

- just the constant blaming, belittlement and bursts of rage from my... Read more »

HIV + Panic Disorder = Terror

Posted by grcboy28, 2 Replies
My situation keeps going from bad to worse, here's my story:

I suffer from panic disorder and anxiety issues with a history of hypochondriasis, HIVphobia and OCD. Not currently on meds.

For the first time in my life I had unprotected vaginal... Read more »

Do I have a mental disorder from HIV? PLEASE REPLY

Posted by Anonymous, 5 Replies
It's me again. Sorry to keep making threads. My only "risk" is masturbating with a pair of worn panties, with a light yellow stain. I know it was sick and wrong. No matter how much evidence I hear against being able to contract HIV from this, I... Read more »