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People On Chemotherapy Take Longer To Seroconvert

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...lymphoma. AIDS-related lymphoma is sometimes called Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma (NHL). In 1985, the Centers for Disease Control added NHL to the list of diseases that define AIDS. Hodgkin's Disease, another type of lymphoma, is rare in people with HIV. The longer you live with a suppressed immune system, the higher the risk of NHL. It can occur even with a high CD4 count. It can be serious and often fatal, sometimes within a year. The use of...
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chemo and HIV

I have a really stupid question. I know its stupid, but for some reason I have to ask it anyway. My mother is undergoing some pretty aggressive chemo right now. Im currently waiting to get my HIV test results back, but Im also about to go see her...
Robert J. Frascino, M.D.

Response from Robert J. Frascino, M.D.

The Robert James Frascino AIDS Foundation
...would encourage you to spend as much time as possible with her. I understand your anxiety about having a loved one struggle with cancer chemotherapy. My only brother is presently battling advanced-stage brain and lung cancer. I fly to Boston... Read more »

Relapsed AIDS lymphoma; what do you think of my chemotherapy regimen?

I recently wrote about my swollen lymph node under my arm. My Gallium Scan not only lit up under my arm, but everywhere else. I had had a negayive gallium in July. I started MINE chemotherapy. The lump is almost gone. My doctor will admit me each...
Bruce Dezube, M.D.

Response from Bruce Dezube, M.D.

Harvard Medical School
...lymphoma diagnosis; hearing that it's come back can be really tough. I'm happy to hear that you are responding to the MINE chemotherapy; your nurse is correct that this is a hard regimen- hopefully it's hard on your tumor. Is your viral load... Read more »

Is a Person's Health an Issue?

I've talked to a "specialized testing facility" about the window period for HIV testing. Their response to me was "Are you a healthy individual? If so, you would get conclusive results by 3 months. For someone with health problems, cancer,...
Mark Holodniy, M.D., F.A.C.P., C.I.C.

Response from Mark Holodniy, M.D., F.A.C.P., C.I.C.

Stanford University, School of Medicine
...The 6 month window is the conservative time point. The labis correct in that the great majority (>95%) of people seroconvert within 3 months. Anything that already affects the immune systems ability to recognize HIV or develop antibodies Read more »

Confused about chemo dosing; Loss of chemotherapy as a security blanket

Dear Dr Dezube, I just want to thank you with all your great information on cancers. I've asked many questions of you in the past and you have always given me a clear insight.Thank you.I just completed chemotherapy for Advanced NHL. My oncologist...
Bruce Dezube, M.D.

Response from Bruce Dezube, M.D.

Harvard Medical School
...1990s). They did quite well. I have many many long term survivors who got "half-dose" chemo. It is true that now-a-days most people get full strength. In all likelihood you'll do well. It's important that you work closely with your HIV doctor to... Read more »
U.S. National Institutes of Health

Chemotherapy and You: Support for People With Cancer

... About This Book Chemotherapy and You is written for you -- someone who is about to receive or is now receiving chemotherapy for cancer. Your family, friends, Read more »
AIDS InfoNet

Filgrastim (Neupogen)

...interferon, used to treat hepatitis C co-infection (see Fact Sheet 507 ) Many cases of neutropenia occur in people who are receiving cancer chemotherapy. What About Drug Resistance? Filgrastim does not work directly against HIV. Instead, it... Read more »
The Well Project

Immune Reconstitution

...t-cells. In fact, the "t" in t-cell stands for thymus.Scientists have studied transplanting a human or animal thymus into an HIV+person. They have also tried to stimulate the thymus with hormones. To datethese methods have not proven to be... Read more »
AIDS InfoNet

Kaposi's Sarcoma (KS)

...lesions. Skin lesions can be: Frozen with liquid nitrogen, Treated with radiation, Cut out surgically, Injected with anti-cancer drugs or interferon alpha, Treated with Panretin gel (retinoic acid). These treatments only deal with the skin... Read more »
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why do we have to wait 12 weeks to be tested?

Posted by rock_on, 1 Reply
ive been told anti bodies can show up at 6 weeks but if we are told to test at 12 weeks then does that mean it takes 3 months for anti bodies to show up??? does that mean anyone who is positive will always test negative at 6 weeks? Read more »

true or not

Posted by hopefulindy, 1 Reply
...Does anyone know? Is there any truth to my doctor telling me that some people seroconvert after 3 months due to low immune system at the time of infection. His rationale is that if your immune system is Read more »

regarding this person who is putting people down

Posted by Anonymous, 5 Replies

Testing info

Posted by Anonymous
...that it was conclusive! I was told that by 6 weeks if someone was positive the test would show that in the vast majority of people (98-99%). She said those people who would take longer to seroconvert or (show positive)already have serious medical... Read more »