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What,s the window period for HIV RNA nucleic acid testing?

Because I did one within 27 days and then a nucleic acid test around 8 weeks and around 11 weeks and 12 weeks, all came back negative. Now I can put this all behind me but after being raped at 35 years old and I'm a guy . and I have a partner since...
Brian Conway, M.D.

Response from Brian Conway, M.D.

University of British Columbia
...In theory, the HIV RNA test could be positive within a few hours or days after a person has become infected. The test is most useful early after Read more »


Doc,I just got back from my test and can I get a WOO HOO!! Negative!I wanted to write for a few... Read more »

blood results

HBsAg - postiveHBsAg confrimatory test - negativeAnti-HBc, IgG and Igm - negativeAnti-HCV -... Read more »
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Baltimore Launches HIV Nucleic Acid Testing Program

... Baltimore health clinics have started to provide nucleic acid testing, which can detect HIV one to two weeks after infection, the Baltimore Sun reports (Bor, Baltimore Sun , 7/12). NAT, Read more »
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FDA Approves Qualitative Nucleic Acid Test Intended for HIV Detection

... FDA on Thursday approved San Diego-based Gen-Probe 's qualitative nucleic acid test intended to detect HIV, Reuters UK reports (Reuters UK, 10/5). The test, called Aptima HIV 1 RNA Qualitative Assay, is Read more »
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Nucleic Acid Testing Could Help Detect HIV, Hepatitis C in Tissue Donations, Study Says

...Nucleic acid testing could help detect HIV, hepatitis C and other viruses in donated human tissue, according to a study published in the Aug. Read more »
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Raleigh News & Observer Examines North Carolina's HIV Nucleic Acid Testing Program

... The Raleigh News & Observer on Tuesday examined North Carolina's nucleic acid testing program -- which can detect HIV two to three weeks earlier than standard screening -- and its influence on HIV testing Read more »
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Nucleic Acid Test

Posted by Anonymous, 1 Reply
...Does anyone know what the Nucleic Acid Test for HIV and Hep C is and how accurate that is, way after the window period? It is not commercially used as far as I know. Read more »

The RNA test.

Posted by TrueOptimist, 1 Reply
I have took the I believe it is called an "RNA" test because no antibodies have been found in my body so this test will look for the virus itself in my blood.I just want to know is this very accurate? Read more »

How accurate...

Posted by MOCHA, 2 Replies
...Are RNA Nucleic Acid Amplified Tests. Where I live this is routine in an HIV test. They say that it helps find HIV itself during acute HIV infection, Read more »

testing info

Posted by Anonymous
...HIV genetic material. They show up before the immune system manufactures antibodies. Also, in early 2002, the FDA approved "nucleic acid testing." It is similar to viral load testing. Blood banks use it to screen donated blood. The viral load or... Read more »