Night Sweats And Atripla

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Atripla & Night Sweats

I have Recently started taking Atripla. This is the first HIV medication I am on. I had a count of 70 cd4 count and 13226 Viral load. I take Atripla at night before bed and for the last couple nights I have been waking up with night sweats is this...
Keith Henry, M.D.

Response from Keith Henry, M.D.

University of Minnesota, School of Medicine
...Sometimes sweating can accompany that side effect. Other medical problems including some AIDS-related conditions can cause night sweats and fevers as well. I would check you temperature throughout the day and when you wake up with sweats and... Read more »

Night sweats

Hi, I was diagnosed with HIV about four months ago and started Atripla two weeks later. It seems to... Read more »

PEP side-effects night-sweats

Dear Dr. Frascino,I recently discovered the body and am finding it very helpful in dealing with my... Read more »
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FAQs About Atripla (Efavirenz/Tenofovir/FTC) From The Body's "Ask the Experts" Forums

...for a while, and recently I've been extremely depressed. Could this be a delayed side effect of the meds? I'm experiencing night sweats while on Atripla; is this usual? Are headaches and lipodystrophy side effects of Atripla? Three days... Read more »
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Triathlon Is Primal. Night Sweats Are Modern.

...fittest thing, and how the HIV/AIDS pandemic is part of that struggle in our world. And in me. As evidenced by another bout of night sweats like you wouldn't believe. Last night, for the third night in a row, I awoke drenched in sweat. Literally... Read more »
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Treating Night Sweats with Herbs

...Night sweats, a common perspiration disorder, often accompanies HIV. They occur during sleep and stop upon waking. Perspiration is how the Read more »
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...Supplements: What Do They Do, and Can I Take Them With Atripla? OTHER HEALTH ISSUES & HIV/AIDS   What Can I Do About Night Sweats? Are there any meds recommended for treating frequent night sweats in HIVers?   Tasting... Read more »
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Hiv+ for 20yrs/No meds having night sweats/rash

Posted by ajpooboy, 5 Replies
...white male Nordic background and have never been sick.I have never been on Meds ever. Been Poz for 20+ yrs but now am having night sweats/day sweats and have developed a rash all over my body. Mt CD4 has always been around 600 and my VL around... Read more »

Clear up the sweating/night sweats issue!!!

Posted by Anonymous, 2 Replies
...I had what I consider "night sweats"....Approximately 10-12 days after "exposure". They lasted may 4 nights or so, haven't had trouble since. Woke up sweating at Read more »


Posted by contractor, 1 Reply
...My name is Marco and I had a lot of night sweating for one year. It is a problem that my family has (dad, nephew and more). After doing a lot of research I found one simple Read more »

Night sweats

Posted by Anonymous
...Are hiv related night sweats all night long .Every night i go to sleep i wake up about an hour later sweating ,not soaked but my head and upper body is sweaty,then Read more »
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