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Male Symptoms Of Hepatitis

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Frequently Asked Questions About Hepatitis

What is Hepatitis? What is the difference between Hepatitis A, B, and C? What are the signs and symptoms of active Hepatitis infection? Is there a vaccine, treatment, or a cure for Hepatitis? Where can I get Hepatitis A and B vaccines? How can I avoid getting Hepatitis? How can I learn more about Hepatitis? What is Hepatitis? Hepatitis means "inflammation of the liver". There are seven known types of...
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Symptoms of hepatitis infection?

My recent blood test indicated results for AST 64 (normal up to 37 for men) and ALT 108 (normal up to 42 for men) with all other indicators in the normal range (except for Bilirubin which keep on high spots since my childhood). My doctor has...
Maribel Rodriguez-Torres, M.D.

Response from Maribel Rodriguez-Torres, M.D.

Fundacion Gatroenterologia De Diego
You have increased hepatic tests called transaminases.Inccreased AST and ALT can be seeen in many diseases ,both primary and secondary,that affect the liver.Unfortunately ,I have to tell you that in many cases, viral hepatitis B or C,both acute... Read more »

85y/o male w/ hepatitis C what are TX options?

my 85 y/o father was just diagnosed w/ Hepatitis C. through bloodwork done to determine cause of his hands swelling.His doctor says that there is nothing he can do. Besides anemia & hip surgery 6 months ago he is relatively healthy. What should...
Michael Fried, M.D.

Response from Michael Fried, M.D.

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
It's wonderful that your father is so healthy (I assume the cause of anemia has been evaluated). When we make decisions about who to consider for treatment, one factor we consider is the likelihood of hepatitis C ultimately harming the patient... Read more »

IVF for - HepC Male (Positive) and Female (Negative)

Hi Doc,My world has turned upside down with the news that I (Male) am tested positive for Hepatitis C but fortunately my wife has been tested negative. We have been trying to have baby for last 4 years but no luck so we thought of going for IVF. But...
Barbara McGovern, M.D.

Response from Barbara McGovern, M.D.

Tufts University School of Medicine
HCV infected males can have sperm washings before in vitro fertilization (IVF) so that you will not be infectious to your wife. If you don't infect your wife, your baby is not at risk.Even with routine intercourse there is a risk of spreading... Read more »

Sexual Assult on Male did not know of PEP

Dr. Frascino, I hope the concert went well and that you are feeling good. I know that no one may say it often but I am sure that everyone hopes you are doing as great as you appear to be in your messages. I have read so many of your posts in the...
Robert J. Frascino, M.D.

Response from Robert J. Frascino, M.D.

The Robert James Frascino AIDS Foundation
Hello,Another repetitive window test question? No. However, another worried well question? Yes!I'm sorry to hear about your horrendous experience. I am pleased you have leveled with your partner, gotten appropriately screened for STDs and are... Read more »
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Hepatitis A:Causes,Symptoms,Prevention & Treatment

Posted by nov
This article
Aalso known as infectious hepatitis, is a liver disease caused by the Hepatitis A virus, HAV. This is comparatively a mild disease which does not progress to a chronic stage. Persons who have contracted the disease may have no symptoms... Read more »

34 year old hetero male

Posted by Anonymous, 1 Reply
Hello, Im a 34 year old hetrosexual male who had safe sex (or I
thought it was safe) with a promiscuous woman (yeah I know a
prostitute). After an incredible 1 minute in her, I took my
condom out in everything seemed fine. It wasnt broken so I
suspec... Read more »

Female to male transmission

Posted by Anonymous, 3 Replies
Is there any truth that female to male transmission of HIV is rare? Where can I get some truth on this matter? I had a 1 night stand with somone that I met online. It was unprotected vaginal sex. Please someone tell me that my chances are very... Read more »

male needs help

Posted by Anonymous
i had sex i used condoms. but the condom did not cover the end of the base it covered more than half of the penus but not till the end of the base. after 6 weeks i started to feel muscle aches in both hands. Are these symptoms what is the... Read more »