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Male Stds

Here's a taste of what has to offer on this topic:
Sexuality Information and Education Council of the United States

Study Looks at How Young Males Get Information About AIDS and STDs After High School

A study in the January/February issue of Family Planning Perspectives examines where young men obtain new information about the prevention of STDs/HIV and whether they carry the prevention messages that they received as adolescents with them in... Read more »
Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation

Majority of Men Worldwide Need More Information, Services to Prevent HIV, STDs, Unplanned Pregnancies, Report Says

The majority of men worldwide, especially men in developing nations, lack the information and services needed to protect themselves and their sexual partners from unintended pregnancies and sexually transmitted diseases, including HIV, according to... Read more »
U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Washington: AIDS, Other STDs Rising Among Local Gay Men

The number of HIV and STD diagnoses among Seattle men who have sex with men (MSM) has increased through most of this decade, despite ongoing outreach and awareness programs, officials say. An anticipated 70 percent cut in state HIV/AIDS funding has... Read more »
Ask the Experts

Oral sex and STDs

Dear Dr.I am male and I have a question about oral sex and STDs.Having Oral sex (giving oral to other male/sucking) What kind of STDs might be infected? and after how long should get tested?Thank you so much ...
Erik Glenn, M.A.

Response from Erik Glenn, M.A.

Chicago Black Gay Mens Caucus
Thanks for your question,Sucking a penis can be risky for STDs such as Gonorrhea, Chlamydia, Syphilis, and Herpes. The risk for an STD like HIV is much lower!We recommend for all sexually active people to be tested on a regular basis to help them... Read more »

Tests for other STDs - is it required?

Hi - I am 26 years old Indian male. I had unprotected oral sex and intercourse with a friend (she hasn't been tested) approximately 1.5 years ago.I don't have any symptoms or health issues. I tested for HIV (test conducted using blood...
Lisa Hightow-Weidman, M.D., M.P.H.

Response from Lisa Hightow-Weidman, M.D., M.P.H.

University of North Carolina
Hello thereCertainly unprotected sex can put you at risk for both HIV and other STDs. Gonorrhea and chlamydia can be asymptomatic in men and I would encourage testing for those. The symptoms of syphilis can be mistaken for an array of other... Read more »

Worry over non-sexual risk for STDs "i know u don't answer everyone but could u please answer mine?"

Hi doctor I'm 22 and I am a male and I'm a virgin I work in an office with other co workers and one of my co workers is very sexually active and has intercourse with many random women like strippers and prostitutes. I know this cause he...
Erik Glenn, M.A.

Response from Erik Glenn, M.A.

Chicago Black Gay Mens Caucus
Thanks for your question,First off, you're not at risk from this. I can understand if you're a virgin and new to these things that you probably have a lot of questions about STD risk. The key thing to remember is that <i>sexually... Read more »


Hi Dr,I am male and sexually I am bottom, I had safe practice with my sex partner, I have a question, exposure with condom happened, my sex partner didn't cum just i did i think there is no HIV risk??? am i right?except HIV is there...
David Wohl, M.D.

Response from David Wohl, M.D.

University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill
Condoms prevent transmission of HIV and most every other STD. If he uses a condom, it does not matter if you come, or he comes or you both don't come. There will not be HIV transmission as long as his condom stays intact and in place. DW... Read more »
Connect With Others

stds are more likely than hiv? correct me plz

Posted by Anonymous, 2 Replies
my dr told me this, yet i didn't believe him you have a 80-100% chance of getting an std. from a female as opposed to hiv. wow that kinda makes a person feel better. as i haven't had an std. in the archives i found that, men that have sex only... Read more »

Possible exposure to HIV/STDS?

Posted by James3, 1 Reply
Possible HIV/STD exposure
Hello everyone, I was in a situation recently that has given me some concern about possible HIV/STD exposure.

I am a male, always been with women but decided I wanted to try something with another guy. I met him online, and... Read more »

Suffering unknowingly from untreated STDs

Posted by Anonymous

Subject: Symptomless STDs Go Untreated

CDC Daily Update
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Symptomless STDs Go Untreated

... Read more »

Heterosexual Male Infections

Posted by hello123, 2 Replies
I keep reading that is hard for a woman to give HIV to a man. If that is the case, how do heterosexual non-drug using men get infected then? They have to be infected by a woman at some point. Read more »