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Long Term Disability Insurance And Hiv

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Long Term Disability Insurance and HIV

Posted by Anonymous, 1 Reply
$13,000. Worth of advice
about group disability insurance coverage.

When I first became fully disabled and unable to work I was worried but felt comfortable in knowing that I was covered by my employers long-term group disability policy. I knew that... Read more »

disabilty insurance through employer

Posted by Anonymous, 2 Replies
Does anyone know if it's possible to collect long-term disability insurance through an employer if you have hiv and hepatitis C? Is it difficult to do that and does your employer have to know your exact medical condition.
Thanks alot! Read more »

Qualifing for Disability

Posted by wallace404, 4 Replies
Does anyone know what are the general requirements in terms of labs or doctor's orders to qualify with employers and social security to be eligible for disability income benefits? Read more »

Short Term Health Insurance for HIV+ Persons

Posted by Anonymous, 1 Reply
Hi I am Jack,
My partner has HIV, just found out recently. He was without health insurance, until he sign up through the sight for insurance. They work well with guys such as Ron and I. I wanted to share my story with the... Read more »

HIV/AIDS LONG-TERM SURVIVORS sought for in-depth i

Posted by Anonymous, 2 Replies
Gay men who have lived consciously aware of their HIV+ status since at least 1986 are sought to provide their personal experiencesemotional, psychological, spiritual, medical, social, legal, &c.for a book to document and preserve the experiences... Read more »
Ask the Experts

Disability / Long-term Care Insurance

I am a 30 y.o. high school teacher who has had HIV for 5 years. I am quite healthy, have T-cells near 1,000 and have never been detectable.I never had life insurance. I'm wondering do I have any options for disability/long-term care insurance...
Lynn L. Franzoi

Response from Lynn L. Franzoi

Worldwide Benefits for Fox, Inc.
With an HIV diagnosis, you would not be able to purchase long term disability, long term care or life insurance on an individual basis. However, if you were to leave your current job and become employed in a job by an employer who offers these... Read more »

long term disability insurance

I receive a letter from my group medical underwriting company for long term disability stating it is necessary for me to take a physical exam with HIV testing if I test positive will they deny my coverage and report this information to other...
Lynn L. Franzoi

Response from Lynn L. Franzoi

Worldwide Benefits for Fox, Inc.
Are you currently covered under the group LTD plan or are you applying for the first time? If you are currently covered, I do not understand why they are asking you to complete a medical questionnaire unless you are applying for increased coverage.... Read more »

long term/short term disability

I am HIV+ and have been so since 1984. Last year I had my second bout of KS and went on short term disability and applied for SSI benefits thinking I would go on long term disability in March which would have been six months from the initial claim...
Lynn L. Franzoi

Response from Lynn L. Franzoi

Worldwide Benefits for Fox, Inc.
You should review the terms of both your short term disability plan and your long term disability plan to determine what the eligibility requirements are to qualify for benefits. As far as Social Security disability benefits are concerned, it is... Read more »

Short Term / Long Term Disability - Health Benefits

First Off - Thanks for all the great info in the Ask the Experts section.I have a few questions. I am 39, currently employeed and have been with the same company for 13 years. I carry medical beneifits through my employer as well as STD and LTD...
Lynn L. Franzoi

Response from Lynn L. Franzoi

Worldwide Benefits for Fox, Inc.
1. Under FMLA (assumes your company has 50 or more employees), you will have to notify your employer of your need for a leave in writing or verbally at least 30 days before a forseeable leave, provide a medical certification of your serious health... Read more »
Test Positive Aware Network

Newly Diagnosed or Long-Term Survivor -- What Everyone Should Know About HIV and Their Rights

Confidentiality Rights -- the AIDS Confidentiality Act First, your HIV status should not be disclosed by you to anyone except those people who absolutely need to know (doctors, health care providers, etc.), close friends, most-trusted confidants,... Read more »
Test Positive Aware Network

Long-Term Survivors of HIV and Wellness

HIV Wellness Oxymoron Either of two retroviruses that infect and destroy helper T-cells of the immune system, causing the marked reduction in... Read more »
Body Positive

Powers of Example: Chuck Kletecka

This fall Chuck Kletecka celebrated his 45th birthday. It was a day he never expected to see. Chuck is what we used to call a long-term survivor. By the mid-'80s, he had already seen some of his friends become sick and had started doing volunteer... Read more »
Paul Hampton Crockett, Esq.

Your Insurers Are Not Necessarily Your Friends

If you are living with HIV, you know that life, health, and disability insurers are not your best friends. Let's face it: they probably don't like you (it's nothing personal; it's just that they tend to focus on the financial losses they may... Read more »