Life Insurance Policy For Hiv Positive People

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Selling Your Life Insurance

... Why Do People Sell Their Life InsurancePolicies? Who Buys Life InsurancePolicies? How Can I Sell My Life InsurancePolicy? What Are the Criteria for Buying a Policy? How Much Will I Get? What Are My Options? Pro ... ... and Con How Do I Choose a Company
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Can you honestly tell me whether there is insurance anywhere for a person with AIDS.
Lynn L. Franzoi

Response from Lynn L. Franzoi

Worldwide Benefits for Fox, Inc.
...Are you asking about life insurance or medical insurance? There are several life insurance companies that will provide life insurance (limited coverage) to peopleRead more »


Is there any insurance company in the USA which gives coverage for a person with HIV +
Lynn L. Franzoi

Response from Lynn L. Franzoi

Worldwide Benefits for Fox, Inc.
...For life insurance, Gerber Life, Mutual of Omaha and Physician's Life were offering some limited life insurance coverage. For medical coverage Read more »

Life Insurance For HIV

Life insurance companies do not offer disease-specific policies and to tell people that there is a life insurance plan for those living with HIV is incorrect.There are life insurance policies available that do not require a person to answer any...
Lynn L. Franzoi

Response from Lynn L. Franzoi

Worldwide Benefits for Fox, Inc.
...I am not telling people where to buy a life insurancepolicy that is disease specific. Nor am I telling them what levels of coverage are available or what questions they might have Read more »

Misconception of Life Insurance For HIV/AIDS

Dear Ms. Franzoi, On May 9 someone wrote asking why you advise people with HIV to go to certain companies for life insurance coverage. The person writing further states these companies don't offer life insurance coverage to anyone with HIV. What...
Lynn L. Franzoi

Response from Lynn L. Franzoi

Worldwide Benefits for Fox, Inc.
...Thank you. In addition, I just learned that Gerber Life will offer policies for $3,000, $5,000 or $7,000 to individuals between the ages of 50 and 75 on a guaranteed issue basis. Read more »
Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation

Insurance Company Prudential to Offer Life Insurance to HIV-Positive People in United Kingdom

... The insurance company Prudential will begin to offer life insurancepolicies to HIV-positive people in the United Kingdom, London's Daily Telegraph reports. According to the Telegraph , PruProtect Read more »
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... Health Insurance | Life Insurance | Applying for an Insurance Policy | HIPAA and Major Risk Plan | COBRA Health Insurance What details should I Read more »
Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation

Netherlands Insurance Association Recommends Offering Individual Life Insurance to Some HIV-Positive People

...Netherlands insurance industry association on Wednesday announced it has begun recommending that its members offer individuallife insurance plans to some HIV-positive people, and six companies so far have agreed to do so, the AP/ Jerusalem Post... Read more »

Life and Burial Insurance

... Why Buy Life Insurance? Life insurance allows you to leave money to someone after you die. This can help support a loved one after you die Read more »
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Life Insurance

Posted by logopolis, 1 Reply everything has settled down and life is carrying on pretty much as normal i am starting to look at policies, in particular life insurance to cover the mortgage. Had a read through my current policy and surprise surprise HIV infection is not... Read more »

Life insurance??

Posted by Anonymous, 2 Replies
...Does anyone know of any life insurance providers that insure HIV+ individuals?? Thanks for your input. Take care and be blessed!! Joe Read more »

Aids2hiv do you relly think??

Posted by Anonymous, 4 Replies
...I am new here. I have tested negative at 13 weeks. I had MANY signs of hiv. do you really think 13 weeks is conclusive? I have been reading your posts, and you seem to be well educated on this matter. Read more »

life insurance policy...

Posted by Anonymous, 3 Replies
... Thinking about selling your life insurancepolicy? Watch out... Get a free 60 page consumer guide that this aids organization puts out called, " Read more »