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Late Stage Hiv Symptoms

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San Francisco AIDS Foundation

The Stages of HIV Disease

HIV Is a Continuum Infection Primary Infection (or Acute Infection) Seroconversion The Asymptomatic Stage Early- and Medium-Stage HIV Symptomatic Disease Late-Stage HIV Disease (AIDS) HIV Is a Continuum Most of us are used to thinking of disease in very simple terms: if you feel sick, you are sick; if you feel healthy, you are healthy. However, because HIV may begin causing subtle changes in the immune system long before an infected...
Ask the Experts

Late stage Symptoms, still negative?

Mrs. Southall,I had relatively high risk exposure, both unprotected oral and insertive anal sex with a man whose status is unknown. 2 weeks later I experienced classic ARS symptoms, including apthous ulcers and oral thrush. I had a negative PCR DNA...
Shannon Southall

Response from Shannon Southall

Rocky Mountain CARES
HiWith having unprotected sex you did the right thing with starting the testing process. The testing guidelines for HIV testing are to be initially tested at 3 weeks and then again at 90 days and as long as there have been no other exposures during... Read more »

have I got late stage HIV?

I was diagnosed HIV+ 1 week ago & have been reading every piece of information I can find about my symptoms (& driving myself insane in the process!!) I've not yet had the results of my viral load & CD4 count but I'm terrified...
Brian Conway, M.D.

Response from Brian Conway, M.D.

University of British Columbia
Please wait for your blood counts before jumping to any conclusions. The type of symptom you describe may be HIV-associated neuropathy, among many other things. if it is indeed neuropathy, it may occur at any stage of HIV disease. The symptoms you... Read more »

Late Stage HIV infection with OIs?

Hi there,I'm a 25 year old woman living in the UK.I am honestly at my wit's end and don't know what to do anymore. I have been feeling unwell since March- strange headaches, raised lymph nodes, sinus infections,yeast infections,...
Shannon Southall

Response from Shannon Southall

Rocky Mountain CARES
HiI want to start first with the basics about HIV transmission. It occurs when there is a direct exchange of body fluid, blood, semen, vaginal fluid or mother to child through breast milk. Condoms are effective in the prevention of HIV transmission,... Read more »

late stage hiv but testing negative?

Dearest experts, lm falling apart. 4 months back l woke up with what seemed like two white fissured strips on both sides of my tongue. Making long story short, lve experienced neuropathic type nerve pain in every joint, had parasites, whitr tongue...
Richard Cordova III

Response from Richard Cordova III

Test Positive Aware Network
Hi there,Testing done at 90 days or greater is considered conclusive. You are HIV negative from this incident. Also, your symptoms do not sound HIV related. However, if you are concerned about them then I would recommend a trip to the doctor to... Read more »
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my brother's late stage

Posted by Anonymous, 3 Replies
In march my brother collapsed. He turned out to have late stage aids infection, with encephapathy and dementia. He is 43 and a homophobe. He is home alone now refusing the available communities help. He is doing better, but I am having trouble... Read more »

Symptoms and late serconversion?

Posted by Anonymous

I had an exposure a month after I took an immunosuppressant called Remicade for my crohn's disease (Fistula). Lots of kissing occured (deep-wet), this woman offered me a BJ, which I politely refused. Anyway that was a year ago.

About 2 weeks after... Read more »

end stage

Posted by Anonymous, 2 Replies
anyone have infomation on end stage hiv has anyone been at late stage and not had hiv antibody, at clinic they told me at late stage you may not have antibody, ive had so many problems and after high risk tested but neg but no reason why all... Read more »

late sero's

Posted by Anonymous, 2 Replies
Has anyone seen any studies that give evidence as to why people take longer then 6 months to seroconvert ?and could u link this study. I tested negative at 6 months but still expierencing wierd symptoms. I want to put this behind me but still kind... Read more »