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Is There Such A Thing As Silent Hiv Infection

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Strategies for Managing Opportunistic Infections

Introduction Opportunistic Infections and HIV Disease Preventing Infections in the First Place Treating Infections as They Occur Preventive Treatment for OIs Maintenance Therapy A Final Word on Strategies for Managing Opportunistic Infections List of AIDS-Defining OIs from the Centers for Disease Control Introduction HIV ( human immunodeficiency virus ) infects the cells of your body's immune system. It then impairs how...
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HIV 2 a silent epidemic?

Dr. Bob- you are too funny but very honest- I wish you the best! Well, I need some help-please I have had to go to a crisis center for contemplating suicide due to my recent stress. Depression, stress, guilt are a great team in kicking someones...
Robert J. Frascino, M.D.

Response from Robert J. Frascino, M.D.

The Robert James Frascino AIDS Foundation
Hello,1. False positive tests occur for a variety of reasons, which are beyond the scope of this forum. It's boring technical stuff. The important thing is that they are false. That shows up when we do the more sophisticated confirmatory tests... Read more »

Silent Carrier

A woman I had unprotected sex with has tested HIV negative. She is the only woman I have had unprotected sex with. I have swollen glands and occassional skin ulcers. Is there any need for me to get tested? Is there such a thing as a silent HIV...
Ryan M. Kull, C.S.W

Response from Ryan M. Kull, C.S.W

Columbia University's Health & Related Services
If your partner was in fact HIV negative (as demonstrated by an antibody test performed at least three months after her last exposure), then you are not at risk of getting infected with HIV from sex with her. If you truly want to know your own HIV... Read more »

Can infection be totally silent.

Can you become infected with HIV without having the flulike illness that I have always read occurs soon after infection? I've read that is the body's initial attempt to mount a response to the virus, so wouldn't this always occur? I...
Mark Holodniy, M.D., F.A.C.P., C.I.C.

Response from Mark Holodniy, M.D., F.A.C.P., C.I.C.

Stanford University, School of Medicine
Most people who present acutely, have some kind of symptoms, which are very variable between people. However, as time goes by, those that are discovered to be positive later, in most cases cannot remember any symptoms or illness.MH... Read more »

AIDS- can it be silent?

This is a stupid question, but would you eventually know you have the virus after 2 yrs? would you know? now when you get blood work. would it show up if you have AIDS or do you have to look for it? i just get very curious on stuff like this and...
Bruce Dezube, M.D.

Response from Bruce Dezube, M.D.

Harvard Medical School
HIV infections can indeed be silent. The only way to know is to get tested for HIV. If you go to a healthcare provider and (s)he does not specifically order an HIV test, then you will never know. If your provider takes blood from you and (s)he runs... Read more »
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Good things about the Am I Infected board

Posted by KitG, 1 Reply
What's going on? I can't stop thinking about the Jackie Blue is God debate!

It made me think about a few of the things I have valued most about this Board. It would be good to read other people's too.

1. Sanctuary
This board was a safe haven for me... Read more »


Posted by bura, 3 Replies
As per the title, is there really such a thing? Read more »

3 things (no hiv content)

Posted by Anonymous, 3 Replies
1. aids2hiv is a hindrance to this website.
2. this forum only needs registration to post and not a moderator. give someone power over others and they will abuse it as seen on that other site.
3. making a threat against someone over the internet is... Read more »

100 Great things about being HIV+

Posted by AIDS2HIV, 8 Replies
its easy to pick out the bad things, but lets have some fun and pick out some really good ones...

100 Great things about being HIV+

1.You truly don't care who Elton John and George Michael are sleeping with as long as you get to see the pictures.
2.... Read more »