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Is The Window For Hiv Blood Test 8 Weeks

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Blood Work: Two Common Tests to Use for Monitoring HIV Disease

Introduction CD4 Cell Count Tests Why Do You Use CD4 Counts? CD4 Counts and When to Start Therapy What Do CD4 Counts Mean? Viral Load Tests How Often Should Viral Loads Be Tested? What Tests Are Used? Getting Viral Load Tests Viral Load and Women Interpreting Test Results Disease Progression and Therapy Commentary Introduction Two of the most common tests that you and your doctor will use to monitor your health are...
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3 month Window Period or Six Month Window Period (WINDOW PERIOD, 6 WEEKS v 3MONTHS v 6 MONTHS)

Dr. Bob,Thank you for not only responding to me but for responding to all of us with concerns. Your responses have reassured me, but what causes me concern is the differing opinions on the window period. I've read, have been told that a test...
Robert J. Frascino, M.D.

Response from Robert J. Frascino, M.D.

The Robert James Frascino AIDS Foundation
Hi,I've discussed this topic numerous times in this forum. I'll repost below a small sample of what can be found in the archives. I do realize it's a confusing issue.Dr. Bobwhat is the winow period 3 or 6 months? Can Whooo after 3?... Read more »

HIV test before 12 weeks window period

Dr Wohl,Good day. I had a relationship with a colleague that I discovered to be HIV positive. I had intercourse without protection on few occasions: the first time was on marsh 29, 2013 and on may 21 was our last sexual encounter. I had my pep...
David Wohl, M.D.

Response from David Wohl, M.D.

University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill
If PEP fails, by definition, the virus will start to replicate and be detected by the combo test (p24 antigen) and viral load (HIV RNA PCR). If you were really infected and this was the cause of your symptoms, then certainly virus would be... Read more »

Home tests; HIV1 and HIV2; Window Period

Hi Rick, I am hoping that you will response to my question because this situation is driving me crazy. I had protected sex with a prostitute for 30 seconds until it finally dawned on me that I was not doing the right thing. 5 seconds after I...
Rick Sowadsky, M.P.H.

Response from Rick Sowadsky, M.P.H.

Nevada State Health Division AIDS Program
Hi. Thank you for your questions.If a person tests negative for HIV-1, and it's been more than 6 months aftera possible exposure to the virus, the tests are more than 99% accurate, asgood as any test in medicine could ever be. If you tested... Read more »

(revised email)PEP treatment for only a week and the window period

Hi there.I need some medical expert's help.Hope you understand some defective sentences because I'm not used to use English as a poreigner.I have several questions about pep.I had unprotected anal sex with no ejaculation in my rectum with...
David Wohl, M.D.

Response from David Wohl, M.D.

University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill
You raise several important questions.Foremost, your rash could (and I think most likely) represents not acute retroviral syndrome but a possible other STD like syphilis. I won drake sure that you were tested for that infection as it can cause rash,... Read more »
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CDC window period have u are tested in the window

Posted by nomoreworry4me
The tests commonly used to detect HIV infection actually look for >antibodies produced by your body to fight HIV. RNA tests look for genetic >material of the virus and can be used in screening the blood supply and for >detection of rare... Read more »

New HIV test Coming Window will be 12 days.

Posted by Anonymous, 4 Replies
What will losers like Aids2Hiv say when this test comes out ? Just proves that the newer generation tests are more accurate than what the 13 week nazis are still saying. The Elisa test out there right now can detect HIV Antibodies in 21 days making... Read more »

The window period is LESS than 2 weeks? READ!

Posted by rjasin123, 2 Replies
Fourth Generation Assays for the Simultaneous Detection of HIV Antigen and Antibody

Antibody can be detected in a majority of individuals within six to twelve weeks after infection using the earlier generations of assays, but may be detected within... Read more »

6 Week Window - Mass. Dept of Health

Posted by Anonymous, 1 Reply
To All WWs -

I have copied and pasted a page from the Massachusetts Department of Health website. I also spoke to one of their counselors on the phone. They are firm in their conviction that the 6 week window period is as accurate as the 3-6 month... Read more »