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megace to gain weight

i am a healthy person weighing 80 but height 6 feet so i want to use megace to gain body weight please do tell me the way to achieve my goal
Nelson Vergel, B.S.Ch.E., M.B.A.

Response from Nelson Vergel, B.S.Ch.E., M.B.A.

Program for Wellness Restoration
...neuropathy.ConclusionsWhen it comes to gaining muscle to rebuild a body weakened by AIDS, Megace cannot begin to stack up to anabolic steroids. While some people assert that Megace has a role as an appetite stimulant, there are other substances,... Read more »

Megace treatment

I have been offered to start treatment with Megace. I have now read the side effects and I was not... Read more »


Im a 43 year old man, HIV+ for 12 years, taking combos since 1998 (last 6 months: AZT, 3TC and... Read more »
AIDS InfoNet

Wasting Syndrome

...(PRT) is a form of exercise using small weights. A recent study found that PRT gave similar results to oxandrolone (an anabolic steroid) in increasing lean body mass. PRT was also more effective than oxandrolone in increasing physical... Read more »
U.S. Food and Drug Administration

Warning on Body Building Products Marketed as Containing Steroids or Steroid-Like Substances

...(FDA) issued a public health advisory warning consumers to stop using any body building products that are represented to contain steroids or steroid-like substances. Many of these products are marketed as dietary supplements. This advisory was... Read more »
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...transformed in the body into testosterone (the primary male sex hormone), estrogen (an important female sex hormone), or other steroids. DHEA has not demonstrated the same effects as anabolic (muscle-building) steroids, but the Food and Drug... Read more »
AIDS InfoNet

Immune Restoration Syndrome not treated. Continuing HIV therapy takes care of any problems. In rare cases, the immune system can be suppressed with steroids to ease inflammation. Read more »
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Hiv from used steriod needle at gym!!

Posted by hwood76, 1 Reply
Hello.. I work at a gym and one of our members lost thier card... I checked to see if they had thrown it in the trash..that happens for some reason..and I felt myself bet stuck by something.. I looked through the trash to see if it was a syringe and... Read more »

Wasting---help me

Posted by Anonymous, 4 Replies
I'm sorry to come on board, but I need help. My husband is wasting away. He's newly on meds, but not gaining. It seems as though his buttcheeks are completely gone. I don't know what to do. I'm afraid. He's down to 120 and losing despite putting... Read more »

bad knee

Posted by alivehoping, 2 Replies
well i went to the surgen yesterday,he explained that the tear in acl was minor,and he injected a 3 inch neddle into the under side of kneecap,and gave me steriod and painkiller,in oil base to help it not dissapate.will have to go back in another... Read more »


Posted by karlos21, 3 Replies
Hola muy buenos dias les escirbo porque estoy ya casi al borde del colapso tuve una relacion de riesgo hace 7 semanas fue sexo anal yo como receptor y pues no ternmino totalmente dentro de mi mas no se cuanto pudo quedarse dentro despues me hize un... Read more »