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I'm Always Feeling Sick Could It Be Hiv

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HIV+ and I feel very sick.

Hi Dr, I have been HIV+ for about 3 years and every 4 or so months I get quite sick, flu like symptoms and anywhere I have had a medical issue flares up,I have been tested for everything and nothing comes up, I also get dizzy, night sweats,dry cough...
Keith Henry, M.D.

Response from Keith Henry, M.D.

University of Minnesota, School of Medicine
You dont mention what your HIV history is, what other medical problems you have,what other medications your are taking, your stress levek, your diet/excercise, smoking, drug taking and other key elements of health that can influence how your are... Read more »

HIV+ and I feel very sick.

Hi Dr.Keith, thanks for your recent reply to my last question and this question is a follow on,... Read more »

Feeling Sick and Being Well or Feeling Well and Getting Sick

Can how one feels predict the results of the next set of labs?It is common to find people who feel... Read more »
Body Positive

HIV Hypochondria "Am I going crazy or am I really getting sick?"

I tested HIV-positive one year ago. My problem is that I feel very tired and stressed out and I think every minute, "O.K. this is it, I now have AIDS!" I go to the doctor all the time and the appointments always end in the same way. This is how... Read more »
HIV i-Base

Guide to HIV, Pregnancy and Women's Health: Tips to Help With Morning Sickness or Drug-Associated Nausea

Eat smaller meals and snack more frequently rather than eating just a few larger meals. Try to eat more bland foods. Avoid foods that are spicy, greasy or strong smelling. Leave some dry crackers by your bed. Eat one or two before you get up in... Read more »

An HIV-Anniversary ER Trip During Sick Season

Brooke Davidoff Four years ago on Jan. 8 I was diagnosed ; yesterday Myles my three year old and I spent a good two-plus hours in an emergency room waiting room waiting to see what was going on with my husband Keanen. Keanen has been sick since... Read more »
Test Positive Aware Network

In Sickness and in Health

If you listen to enough people talk about what happened at their latest doctor's appointment, you start to get the sense that there's a bunch of patients and physicians out there who could really use some couples counseling. Even the language sounds... Read more »
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Do i have HIV i feel sick?

Posted by pinkfloyd617, 1 Reply
I had sex with a prostitute 5 weeks ago and i did use a condom. I did develop an open sore during sex but it was covered by the condom. I took a take home test 2 days ago at 5 weeks and i tested negative. Once i took that test i started to feel... Read more »

I feel sick..

Posted by Anonymous, 2 Replies
I feel sick to my stomach. I've got so much on my mind it isn't even funny. This new company that came in, wants us to make a decision to go with them on the 28th. On top of that is of course the HIV test. I have to wait til July 2nd for the result.... Read more »

I feel sick to my stomach and haven't eaten in day

Posted by jackiec, 2 Replies
i feel so sick to my stomach. i needed to write you all to get your advice. i know i sound pathetic. i had unprotected sex and then 3 days later my lymph nodes swelled up in my neck and it seemed like my throat hurt but it didn;t really seem like a... Read more »

What's the point...... sick of being sick

Posted by Anonymous, 7 Replies
I think I have lost my desire to keep fighting this disease. I am always tired and the meds make me sick.

My viral load is 30k and my cd4's are around 300... but I am just tired of it. I have was diagnosed in 97 and started feeling ill around the... Read more »