If You Have An Open Cut Or Wound Can You Get Hiv

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Dr. BOB! Help a Bio Student! Lotion, HIV, OPEN CUT?

Dr. Bob, So basically I'm trying to come to a rational decision so that I can get a whoo hoo from you for not freaking out and not thinking through whole situations. So, my roommate has just found out that he is HIV+. I didn't even know what to say...
Robert J. Frascino, M.D.

Response from Robert J. Frascino, M.D.

The Robert James Frascino AIDS Foundation
...Hey College Friend,Relax Max. You're fine. Your HIV risk is completely nonexistent. Tell your roommate about this site. There is information here that he may well find very helpful. Read more »

3 One-Word Answers (Revistited)

Dr. B.Thanks for the three one-word answers a few days back. In the interest of learning, I am... Read more »
U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Cut-Price HIV Drugs Drive May Spur Patents Clash

...second-line AIDS drugs a priority. However, UNITAID's plans could upset Western pharmaceutical interests that hold the drugs' patents. As a drug-purchasing vehicle, UNITAID is supported by countries including France, Brazil, Chile, Norway and... Read more »
AIDS InfoNet

Stopping the Spread of HIV

...in your mouth. If HIV-infected blood or sexual fluid gets inside your body, you can get infected. This can happen through an open sore or wound, during sexual activity, or if you share equipment to inject drugs. HIV can also be spread from a... Read more »
U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

HIV Transmission

...However, a person who inserts his penis into an infected partner also is at risk because HIV can enter through the urethra (the opening at the tip of the penis) or through small cuts, abrasions, or open sores on the penis. Not having (abstaining... Read more »
The Well Project

HIV Transmission

...jobs) and fisting (using a hand to penetrate the anus or vagina): These are relatively low risk, as long as your hand has no opencuts or sores. Sexual assault or rape can result in infection if the attacker is HIV positive. The risk increases... Read more »
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are there any risks?

Posted by mysterious, 2 Replies
...however, on march 21-25 i had night sweats. what's the risk? is this ARS? 3.(between march 10-14) saw cm of blood at bottom of cut n then bled. what if the blood was fresh n it was hiv + blood n it got in my wound? what if it was hiv + blood that... Read more »

Toilet Safety/Open Wounds

Posted by Anonymous, 2 Replies
...Chrohns disease and has blood in his stool, my wife has bleeding hemroids and I have had a boil near my butt lanced and is opened to drain. Since we all have something bleeding going on what precautions shall we take. I dont want us to use... Read more »


Posted by AussieDude, 4 Replies
...Can u get HIV from open mouth Kissing..If I have done Open mouth kissing with a Girl for 5 mins regularly.. With Clothes on.. I mean JUST KISSING.. PLease Read more »

martial arts with cut: another possible OCD scene?

Posted by 613, 2 Replies
...with some friends and there was a minor cut on my foot, nothin serious. During the course of the matches I noticed the guys had cuts and nicks on them as well. Am I at risk for HIV if their blood happened to get it in me or is this OCD? I do not... Read more »
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