If You Are Hiv Positive Are You Able To Get Disability Benefits

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HIV and Disability

After a very long a protracted disability case involving my state employment benefits I was finally granted full disability benefits in June of 2008 subject to periodic review. When the agenda of the meeting was posted the following month and sent...
Lynn L. Franzoi

Response from Lynn L. Franzoi

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I agree that posting the reason could be considered a HIPAA violation. I'd contact an attorney or a legal aid organization in your area to determine what recourse you might have. Read more »

Re:Re HIV and Disability

Hey Dr. Bob, no need to thank me for the last post! I'm always happy to do my part. By my... Read more »


I have a disability plan provided by work.If I am currently working but recently received an AIDS... Read more »
Lambda Legal

Lambda Legal Advises Social Security Administration on HIV Disability Benefits

...Lambda Legal. "Despite advances in treatment, many people infected by HIV are unable to work and are entitled to disabilitybenefits. Our goal is to advise SSA as it updates the rules so that they reflect advances and issues that arise in HIV... Read more »
Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation

New York State Supreme Court Judge Orders NYPD to Reconsider Decision to Deny HIV-Positive Officer Disability Benefits

...Justice Rolando Acosta on Tuesday ordered the New York City Police Department to reconsider its decision to deny disabilitybenefits to an unidentified officer who says she was infected with HIV while on the job, the AP/Long Island Newsday ... Read more »
U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Institute of Medicine Recommends Changes for People With HIV/AIDS to Qualify for Disability

...Listings of Impairments -- a tool that helps SSA quickly assess whether someone with HIV or another condition qualifies for benefits. The HIV/AIDS listings were last updated in 1993. The following are the new recommendations to qualify someone... Read more »
Being Alive

Working While Collecting Disability Benefits

... Many people who are collecting disabilitybenefits would like to consider doing some work if it won't interfere with their benefit payments. Whether they are covered under Social Read more »
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Posted by franfrog, 3 Replies
...Ok does anyone know if you are on permanant disability if you are able to work at all? Read more »

Long Term Disability Insurance and HIV

Posted by Anonymous, 1 Reply
...promised to pay me a certain percentage of my salary should I become permanently disabled and that they would pay me these monthly benefits until I died or turned 65 years of age, (whichever came first). As a person dealing with a permanent... Read more »

I am the caregiver of a disabled adult who has HIV

Posted by 28262
...I am the guardian of a disabled adult who is HIV positive. I am HIV negative. I never thought I would land up with a person who had HIV living in my home. I always said to Read more »

Qualifing for Disability

Posted by wallace404, 4 Replies
...requirements in terms of labs or doctor's orders to qualify with employers and social security to be eligible for disability income benefits? Read more »