How To Read Hepatitis C Antibody Test Results

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Re:New Guy wants to know if he can do one of those wooooohoooot things?

Dr. Bob, Dr. Bob thank you so much for answering my question! I cannot thank you enough! I'm so sorry but I left out a crucial question, I was so mad when I realized that I left it out. In regards to the Hepatitis C Quantasure Plus test. I...
Robert J. Frascino, M.D.

Response from Robert J. Frascino, M.D.

The Robert James Frascino AIDS Foundation
...(HCV). Different physicians use different tests or combinations of tests, depending on the situation. Personally, I order an anti-HCV antibody test (antibody to HCV) using either EIA (enzyme immunoassay) or CIA (enhanced chemiluminescence... Read more »

Hepatitis C antibody

My test reads..This patient's sample test reactive w/a high s/co ratio:>=8.00. with high s/co... Read more »

Does Sustiva give a drug use result upon testing

I need to know that when you are taking Sustiva and you are drug tested does this drug show a... Read more »
New York State Department of Health AIDS Institute

Diagnostic, Monitoring and Resistance Laboratory Tests for HIV

...individuals seroconvert by 12 weeks. However, in rare cases, antibodies may not be detected for months. Key Point Antibody test results that are initially negative should be followed up with HIV antibody testing at 3 months to... Read more »
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... Believing Your HIV Test Results | HIV Testing | AIDS Symptoms | Window Period for HIV | Pregnancy | Confidential, Anonymous and Names-Based Reporting Read more »
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HIV Testing

...Tested? When Should I Get Tested? Do Any Tests Work Sooner After Infection? What Does It Mean if I Test Positive? Are the Test Results Confidential? How Accurate Are the Tests? The Bottom Line What Is HIV Testing? HIV... Read more »
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Body Composition Tests

...This word just means measuring the body. Anthropometry is the simplest technology. It involves using a tape measure to take key readings, such as biceps, thigh, waist, and hips. A trained technician is very important for this method. Skinfold... Read more »
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need some one who can read my test result

Posted by geodeeb, 2 Replies
i did HIV test after 23 weeks since the last time i thought i had exposed to the virus the result came back with lab corp tests panel 083824 HIV 1/0/2 abs-icma !RN! HIV/1/o/2abs- index value ... Read more »

Pinksters test results:

Posted by coby, 9 Replies
...fax to him Monday, he has a concern because my white blood calls are very high, which means I'm fighting something. In all the reading that I have done I thought HIV dropped white calls not raised them, maybe they go high st first then in time... Read more »

Confuse about test results

Posted by Anonymous, 4 Replies
...I went to the Hospital to get tested for HIV after possible exposure at 18 weeks, my result was ready in 1 hour and it read: HIV (1&2) Negative Negative. This is not an ELISA test nor a Western Blot, so my questions are: What Read more »

Test Results....

Posted by Overstressed, 3 Replies
...guys, Well I have been doing lots of reading about test and time periods. I just wanted to share something to guys about my test result .Back in 2003 when I got my test result it came out negative and I remember thinking thank you God am ok , but... Read more »
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