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improve cd4 count

on meds since Oct 2008, current CD4 count hovering around 350+ what help can u give me to help improve, Viral load negligble, yippee. Ta
Keith Henry, M.D.

Response from Keith Henry, M.D.

University of Minnesota, School of Medicine
...of lymph tissues, continued immmune activation and other factors. The only medication that has been shown to reliably boost CD4 counts (interleukin-2) did not result in a clinical benefit in a recently complete large NIH Study. There is no safe... Read more »

Starting treatment and improving my CD4 count

1. i have just had my cd4 count test. it is approximately on 279. how do i help my body to improve... Read more »

what kind of foods should i eat to help arv improve my cd4 count

i found out in july that i am positive and am also 30 weeks pregnant. My cd4 count was 268 but... Read more »
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HAART Use Improves Hepatitis B Vaccine Response, Even at High CD4 Counts

...cell count greater than 350. Correct. We looked to see if HAART benefitted all patients, or specifically patients with lower CD4 cell counts. We found that it actually benefitted all patients, even those with CD4 cell counts greater than 350.... Read more »
Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation

Study Examines HIV-Positive Patients' Death Risk at CD4 Counts Above 350

...for continuing studies to examine the risks and benefits of starting antiretroviral therapy, or ART, for patients with high CD4 cell counts," HealthDay News reports. "For this study, researchers examined data from 40,830 HIV patients, aged... Read more »
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Ever Upward: "When to Start" Debate Turns to CD4+ Cell Count of 500

...North American AIDS Cohort Collaboration on Research and Design (NA-ACCORD)] and examined patients who were enrolled at the same CD4 cell count level above 500 between 1996 and 2006. 1 Nine thousand one hundred fifty-five patients were... Read more »

When to Start: A Debate

...message that more people should be tested routinely. I think the numbers that people are quoting when they say that the average CD4 cell count at presentation is 200 are several years old and there are newer data to suggest that CD4 counts at... Read more »
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improving cd4 counts

Posted by terrrrrry2003, 2 Replies, just hoped it wouldn't be today.........". I fully expected to go back on meds this time around but suprise, suprise, my cd4 count had gone back up again !!!!!! Another 3 months in the bag is the way I look at it. Anyway what I'm wondering... Read more »

CD4+Tcell count indicative of nothing.

Posted by TonyF, 4 Replies
This, rather than being a myth the public promotes, could be considered a myth that the medical establishment promotes. We are led to believe that our bi-yearly doctor checkup of our CD4+Tcell count is a good baseline determination of where we... Read more »

Increase your CD4 count

Posted by prana, 2 Replies
...Breathing will help increase your CD4 count. The body needs extra oxygen in the blood to fight disease. To help the body do the breathing exercises.Keep a note of your CD4 Read more »

counts are in

Posted by polywog, 4 Replies
...I just rec'd my bloodwork back today, viral load stayed the same as 3 months ago around 40,000 but my t-cell improved from 400 to doc was quite surprised at this and thought it an unusually high variation in t-cell count Read more »
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