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How To Cure Thrush In Baby's Mouth

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Ask the Experts

Oral thrush (yeast infection) cured by salt water???

My boyfriend had a cold the past week. He did not use any steroid based nasal sprays, but he did use a cold remedy which contains zinc. About two days ago, he had a white patch right next to his tonsil. He started to gargle with salt water and it...
Bruce Dezube, M.D.

Response from Bruce Dezube, M.D.

Harvard Medical School
Thrush is a yeast infection which often affects the mouth, as well as many other portions of one's body (e.g. the vagina). It is pretty common and does not necessarily mean that something more serious is going on. Women often get these... Read more »


Is it common to see thrush in hiv-infected infants outside of the mouth (ie. in groin, under arms... Read more »

Is thrush in the mouth contagious to a kisssing partner?

Is thrush of the mouth contagious to a kissing partner? I have been taking lozenges by prescription... Read more »
Journal Watch

Exploring the Media Fascination With the Baby Cured of HIV

As undoubtedly you've heard by now, there's another person cured of HIV out there -- this time, it's a baby born to an HIV-infected mother . Here's the story: The mother didn't know she was HIV positive until delivery, and the baby was found to be... Read more »

Mississippi Baby Cured: One Study Whose Impact Will Last Well Beyond CROI 2013

Much has already been discussed and written about the remarkable case of this infant girl born in Mississippi to an HIV-infected, but undiagnosed, woman who also didn't get any prenatal care; but if you haven't yet heard: The mother was confirmed... Read more »
Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation

Media Coverage of "Functional Cure" in Baby Born With HIV Continues

Highlighting the recent case of an infant reportedly cured of HIV infection "after a swiftly administered course of drugs," Scientific American writes, "A number of factors make the child's case unique, ... and clinicians caution that we have... Read more »
Black AIDS Institute

What if That Baby Who Was "Cured" of HIV Never Had It?

The first in a series examining the reports of a pediatric "functional cure" and its implications across Black America. In early March, the news that a newborn baby in Mississippi had been treated with a potent cocktail of anti-HIV drugs was... Read more »
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Dry Mouth, Thrush?

Posted by TheTyger, 3 Replies
One of the symptoms I experienced was a dry mouth lacking in saliva. My mouth felt kind of sticky and burning. Was this thrush? Or is thrush mainly a bunch of white stuff that resembles cottage cheese on the tongue? Could this have been an oral... Read more »

Thrush/Night Sweats

Posted by Anonymous, 1 Reply
Does anyone out there have any experience with either of these symptoms? Is thrush real thick in the mouth? Are your night sweats so intense that they soak you, your clothes or linens or can they be less extreme like just some moisture on back of... Read more »

Thrush or whatever

Posted by Anonymous, 2 Replies
i'm going to see a dentist tomorrow anyway i have this problem, my mouth produces a white mucus which is dense and foamy, it can appear anywhere, near the tonsils, on the upper gums, it is not adhese to the mucosal surface and i can wipe it away... Read more »

is this thrush

Posted by Anonymous
i am getting this white stuff in my mouth its not really stuck its not really visible all over i can take my finger and run around my gums and it looks like little stings of skin it comes and goes have any ideas what this could be

Read more »