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Driven Crazy By Aids Belly - Is There A HGH Alternative?

Is there anything that can be taken for AIDS belly other than HGH, which is not affordable or even indicated for this condition? I tried everything, even a tummy tuck which failed. The serostin clinical trials made it go away. Trials ended, it...
Nelson Vergel, B.S.Ch.E., M.B.A.

Response from Nelson Vergel, B.S.Ch.E., M.B.A.

Program for Wellness Restoration
...treatment of HIV related abdominal fat accumulation. It won't be available until January and we have no idea how much it will cost and if insurance companies/Medicare will pay for it. More on Egrifta: Summary links on Egrifta Nelson Read more »

Nelson, what's going on with Egrifta?

I am on ADAP. Can I get it now? My lipodystrophy belly is pretty big and I need to do something... Read more »

What is the big deal with Tesamorelin?

I was a participant in a phase III trial for Tesamorelin. I did receive the drug for the 1st half... Read more »
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Egrifta Patient Support Information Now Available

...prescription drug benefit that covers Egrifta, the Co-pay Assistance Program covers up to $2,400 of patients out of pocket cost over a 12-month period. Patients must use the card for the first time in 2011 and can off-set up to $200 of their... Read more »
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Tesamorelin Is Approved

...pocket for the various services they seek -- what's one more line item on the bill? Related again: What is tesamorelin going to cost, and will insurance plans cover it? Remember, recombinant growth hormone -- which was approved for treatment of... Read more »
The Well Project

HIV/AIDS and Lipodystrophy Treatments Part I: Treatments for Fat Gain

...Since Serostim is not approved for HIV-related fat gain, it will not becovered by insurance for this purpose. It is expensive, costing up to $3,000 amonth. There is a patient assistance program for Serostim at ... Read more »
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Tesamorelin and Excess Deep Belly Fat

...what side effects can occur from using it for more than a year, such as the appearance of tesamorelin antibodies. Also, the cost of tesamorelin is unknown at this time and may be challenging for some should it get FDA approval. More study is... Read more »
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Egrifta tesamorelin, is it available?

Posted by artnut, 2 Replies
...Positively Aware has an article (July/August 2010)on the FDA approving Egrifta for the treatment of belly fat. Is it available? Has anyone had any experience with it? The biggest problem seems injecting Read more »

Cost of Atripla

Posted by kaoticv, 1 Reply, which unfortunately pays only $1500 maximum per policy year for outpatient drugs. I have come to understand that Atripla costs close to $1500 per MONTH. Both our salaries are under $25,000. Anyone have any ideas? PS We live in... Read more »

How much does Atripla cost? *DELETED*

Posted by westernbear69, 1 Reply
Post deleted by westernbear69 Read more »

cost of hiv

Posted by hopefulone, 8 Replies
...curious...what is the cost of hiv in terms of medical treatment...i am not currently on medicine and am curious what the disease costs some of you guys Read more »
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