How Many Times Do You Need The Hepatitis B Shot

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in real worry( hepatitis b, asking for 5th time)

hi doctor, please reply back to my question as i am not understanding my lab results. the results are HBsAG negative, Anti-HBs negative, Anti-HBc IgM negative, Anti-HBc IgG positive, HBeAg negative & Anti-HBe negative. please reply back as...
Barbara McGovern, M.D.

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Tufts University School of Medicine
...referred to as "isolated core antibody" status. This can be a false positive test; alternatively, you could have been exposed to hepatitis B in the past but cleared it and lost your surface antibody years ago; finally it could mean acute... Read more »


what is the interpretation if HBV-DNA VIRAL LOAD (REAL TIME PCR)is 82 IU/ml. Read more »


Good day, I just want to ask about my result. My result in HBV-DNA VIRAL LOAD (REAL TIME PCR)is... Read more »
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Hepatitis B FAQs for the Public

...ranges in severity from a mild illness lasting a few weeks to a serious, lifelong illness. It results from infection with the Hepatitis B virus. Hepatitis B can be either "acute" or "chronic." Acute Hepatitis B virus infection is a short-term... Read more »
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Hepatitis B: The Other Hepatitis Virus

...significant problem for many people with HIV, but it isn't the only virus that can cause hepatitis (inflammation of the liver). HIV/hepatitis B virus (HBV) is another common co-infection and, like HIV/HCV co-infection, can cause severe liver... Read more »
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Hepatitis B Linked to Lymphoma in Study

... New research finds that people chronically infected with hepatitis B virus (HBV) are nearly two times as likely to develop non-Hodgkin lymphoma (NHL). HBV is already known to cause liver cancer -- around Read more »
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A Comprehensive Immunization Strategy to Eliminate Transmission of Hepatitis B Virus Infection in the United States

...article. To view the erratum, please click here . Summary Hepatitis B vaccination is the most effective measure to prevent hepatitis B virus (HBV) infection and its consequences, including cirrhosis of the liver, liver cancer, liver... Read more »