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How Many People Are Current Living With Hiv In The World

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What Is HIV?

...get help from your local HIV organization and connect with other HIV-positive people. Visit our "Just Diagnosed" page to read much more. Where Did HIV Come From? The origins of HIV are still a little murky. Experts currently think that, about 100 years ago in Africa, an ancestor of HIV evolved into a form that jumped from monkeys to humans. The history of the global HIV pandemic is more recent, however: The world only began to pay...
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all of my researce goes against treating hiv

i have been doing quite a bit of researce and all of the stuff i rear says all the hiv med cause AIDS im sure you dont agree with Peter Duesberg but when you can prove that hiv antibodies prove i have a bad virus then i will treat it i know of many...
Benjamin Young, M.D., Ph.D.

Response from Benjamin Young, M.D., Ph.D.

Rocky Mountain CARES
...diagnosis.Hmmm, I'm not sure where you've been doing your research. It is clear that you have many concerns about the validity of current scientific understanding about HIV and the treatments for HIV/AIDS. Know that while you are entitled to... Read more »

saliva (Facts for Life: What you and the people you care about need to know about HIV/AIDS )

can i catch HIV if my partner "sprays" when he talks and his salive gets in my eye? Also can i get HIV from an infected partners saliva on my anus?
Robert J. Frascino, M.D.

Response from Robert J. Frascino, M.D.

The Robert James Frascino AIDS Foundation
...In fact, as many as 10 to 20 percent of newly infected Americans are acquiring viral strains that may already be resistant to current drugs. Because treatment regimens are unpleasant and complex, many patients miss doses of their medication.... Read more »

cure for hiv/aids -the truth is how expedable and profitable are you?

Hi Dr. Bob, Just my two cents. I agree with you post that there seems to be no cure for hiv/aids on the distant horizon. But one at the same time, has to stop and wonder - if they can clone animals, human genes, and put a man into space...
Robert J. Frascino, M.D.

Response from Robert J. Frascino, M.D.

The Robert James Frascino AIDS Foundation
...documentary "The Age of AIDS." You can Netflix it!Why would big pharma want to find a cure? There are over 35 million people currently infected worldwide. Finding a cure would be far more profitable than competing for market share with over 20... Read more »


what is the life expectancy of people with hiv/aids?
Ewald Horwath, M.D.

Response from Ewald Horwath, M.D.

University of Miami School of Medicine
...For an individual person, we are not able to predict with any certainty how long they will live.What we do know is that the currently available treatments have enormously decreased the mortality from HIV infection. Many people are able to lead... Read more »
AIDS InfoNet

AIDS Myths and Misunderstandings

...being around someone with AIDS who was coughing, by hugging or kissing someone with AIDS, and so on. See Fact Sheet 150 for current information on how HIV is transmitted. Transmission can only occur if someone is exposed to blood, semen,... Read more »
The Body

HIV Treatment 101

...taking HIV medications. When it comes to taking HIV medications, first answer this question: Is now the right time to start? Current U.S. guidelines recommend that you begin HIV treatment if your CD4 count is between 350 and 500 or if you've... Read more »
The Well Project

AIDS Vaccines anexploratory study intended to provide information to help guide the next phaseof AIDS vaccine development. HVTN 505 is currently enrolling 1,300 HIV-negativemen who have sex with me. What could an AIDS vaccine do? The best case is that... Read more »
The Well Project

Questions and Answers: Microbicides Against HIV

... Table of Contents What Are Microbicides? How Would Microbicides Work? Are Microbicides Currently Available? What Is Happening in Microbicide Research? Would Microbicides Eliminate the Need for Condoms? Would Microbicides Read more »
Connect With Others

Best place to live in USA with HIV?

Posted by TonyBakerOK, 4 Replies
...Hello. I have been positive since 2005, and have lived in Tennessee, Texas, California and Currently Oklahoma. It seems like every state is different when it comes to HIV services and Ryan White stuff. I just moved HOME to Read more »

Bush ignores HIV prevention methods that work

Posted by bradford, 2 Replies
...relationship. We know that in the twenty-five years since the emergence of HIV, there have been nearly 30 million deaths and currently, over 40 million people are infected with human immune deficiency virus (HIV). The President of the United... Read more »

Living with HIV/AIDS today

Posted by Anonymous, 10 Replies
...preserved if desired. Our group has contacts in the medical, volunteer, and gay male community but it is important to me personally that the voices of women not be ignored. On a personal note, my best friend has AIDS so this project is also a... Read more »

HIV Prevention: What you need to know!

Posted by bradford, 2 Replies
...infection with more than one HIV strain. This places an individual in greater danger of illness and or death as well as any person they infect. In the early years we didnt know any better and people who were infected assumed it didnt matter if... Read more »