How Long Does Procrit Take To Work

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How long does Procrit take to work?

Shortly after starting HAART meds -- Norvir boosted Crixivan and Combivir. I'm also taking Dapsone for OI prevention -- my hemoglobin dropped from 14+ to 9. I started getting Procrit injections. After the first 6 weeks there was little difference,...
Robert J. Frascino, M.D.

Response from Robert J. Frascino, M.D.

The Robert James Frascino AIDS Foundation suspect. Combivir does contain AZT, which is well known to suppress the production of red blood cells in some people. Procrit is definitely indicated for this type of anemia, and is generally highly effective. So why might this not be... Read more »

procrit and numbnuts

Hey Dr. Bob,I have a few questions for you1)How long does it take for Procrit to work? I just... Read more »


He Dr. Bob,Haven't been here for a while as all has been going well since you helped straighten out... Read more »
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Continuing Treatment: Making It Work Long-Term

...resistance -- you must take all of your pills as scheduled and directed. Even missing a dose or two per week could sabotage your long-term success in using these drugs. Your doctor and pharmacist may have practical tips to help improve your... Read more »
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...scientists learned how to make synthetic EPO. It is injected under the skin, usually once a week. The most common brand of EPO is Procrit. A large study of people with HIV found EPO injections decreased the risk of death. Transfusions seemed... Read more »
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Choosing an HIV Care Provider

...get their care from physicians who are specialists in infectious diseases. However, especially now that people are living longer with HIV, it's important to deal with all of your health issues. You might prefer to have a family practitioner or... Read more »
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Exercise and HIV

...and work exercise into your daily activities. Work up to a schedule of at least 20 minutes, at least three times per week as long as you are feeling better. This can lead to significant improvements in your fitness level and you may feel better. ... Read more »
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