How Long Does It Take To Be Undetectable

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Atripla, How long to become undetectable

I've been on Atripla since 4/10, my viral load dropped from 23,000, to 15,900, 107, then jumped up to 510, then down again to 74in Sept,. Dr. said to contiue on the Atripla and get lab work done in a month...I did VLis now 91 last CD4...
Benjamin Young, M.D., Ph.D.

Response from Benjamin Young, M.D., Ph.D.

Rocky Mountain CARES
Hello and thanks for your post.It's always reassuring to see undetectable viral loads. That said, depending on a number of circumstances, it can take up to 4-6 months to get there (except for regimens that include raltegravir/ISENTRESS, where viral... Read more »

How long until I become Undetectable?

Hello Dr.,I was diagnosed with HIV one year ago and started taking Atripla 4 months ago. My CD4... Read more »

undetectable - for how long ??

Hi , I anm undetedtable for more then 5 years , the thing is my dr. refuses to let me stop meds... Read more »
Terri Wilder

Eight Characteristics of Long-Term Survivors of HIV/AIDS

...Atlanta for people living with HIV. I love doing this workshop and think that it is a valuable guide for people on living a long life with HIV. At THRIVE! I do a workshop called "THRIVING with HIV." It is based on a 1987 research study... Read more »
The Body

So Long to New York's HIV Care Networks

... As of December 31, 2010, the HIV Care Networks of New York State will no longer exist. The New York State Ryan White Part B HIV Care Networks' mission is to promote a coordinated community response that Read more »
The Body PRO

Immune Responses in Long-Term Non-Progressors

... Immune Responses in Long-Term Non-Progressors -- Lessons for Immune Reconstitution (WeOrA199) Authored by Brigitte Autran Non-abstract driven session Read more »
Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation

"Long Way to Go" in Fighting HIV/AIDS, Nobel Laureate Says in Opinion Piece

... Despite the progress made in the fight against HIV since it was discovered in 1983, there is "still a long way to go," Luc Montagnier, who recently shared the 2008 Nobel Prize in medicine for his work in the discovery of HIV, writes Read more »
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long term non progressor

Posted by dean661, 8 Replies
...evidently makes you more suseptible to west nile) My question is how many of you have been given this glimmer of hope titled long term non progressor, only to be dissapointed later when it turns out to not be true. My doctor commented on my lack... Read more »

How long do I have?

Posted by SaltyWater, 4 Replies
...recently been diagnosed with HIV, Not on meds yet with a CD4 of 455 (have a cold at the moment, so thats why it may be low) How long can I expect to live, I know noone can ever say, Mr X you will live for X amount of years, but I would like to... Read more »

Are there any long lerm POZ folks around

Posted by rickincattco, 18 Replies
Hello again it is I. I have been reading the boards and i have noticed alot of the folks on here are recently diagnosed or within the past couple of years. I think that is wonderful that they are seeking info right away. It took me thirteen years to... Read more »

How long to live?

Posted by PondersLife, 4 Replies
...1998. Now 2007 still undetectable and t-cells near 750...I look and feel like now since it has been 7 years, how long will it last?? Can I look forward to a "normal" life..well other than being single and all...but thats another... Read more »