How Long Does Atripla Stay In Your Body

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Atripla body Rash

Have been taking Atripla for 13 days and yesterday got a bad rash all over my body (face to the legs front and back) very redish. It does not each but a bit painful. Doctor shuggested to stop Atripla? If stopped, I am concern about building...
Keith Henry, M.D.

Response from Keith Henry, M.D.

University of Minnesota, School of Medicine antihistamine) unless there are more systemic symptoms and/or mucousal involvement (mouth, eyes, lungs). If stopping the Atripla I would switch to a boosted PI based regimen or at least take a boosted PI alone for several weeks if stopping... Read more »

Does one ever stop taking Atripla?

Hi, thank you for volunteering your time here and providing a great community service. Here's my... Read more »

Atripla's Effect on Liver?

HIV pos. on Atripla almost 2 years (undetectable), HCV in remission(undetectable ) following 48... Read more »
The Well Project

HIV Drugs and the HIV Lifecycle or more classes in just one pill. This can makedosing easier. There are five combination pills approved: Atripla (Sustiva plus Emtriva plus Viread) Combivir (Retrovir plus Epivir) Epzicom (Epivir plus... Read more »
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...through the development process?   Tension and Other Mental Health Issues: Could My Meds Be to Blame? I have been on Atripla (efavirenz/tenofovir/FTC) for two years, my viral load is undetectable and my CD4 count is 700 or above. I've... Read more »
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...How Do I Choose Between Two Good First Regimens? Does the Anti-Smoking Drug Chantix Interact With HIV Meds? Why Is Atripla Taken Without a Protease Inhibitor? COMPLICATIONS OF HIV/HIV MEDS   Could My Allergies Have... Read more »
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Hot Topics at The Body's "Ask the Experts" Forums, January 25, 2011

...diagnosed HIV positive in August 2009. My viral load is undetectable and my CD4 count has gone from 40 to 467 since I started taking Atripla (efavirenz/tenofovir/FTC) more than a year ago. A few days ago I had unprotected sex with a guy and... Read more »
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Tested pos in June 2010 (Atripla)

Posted by Timothy, 5 Replies
...Tested Pos in June of this year, I got my CD4 count at 255 and my VL at 225,000. I was put on Atripla a few weeks ago so just waiting till the next visit to see if my count is going up any. The Atripla has made me very sleepy Read more »

Starting Meds - The Journey Begins

Posted by trulife, 6 Replies
...emotionally ready to start meds at any time, but now that the time is here, I am not so sure how ready I am. We decided to go with Atripla and I am praying that I tolerate it ok. I have no doubt about my adherence to meds....just a big reality... Read more »


Posted by keepingfaith, 4 Replies
...I was wondering how long after starting Atripla does your viral loads come undetectable??? Mines currently are 62,270+ CD4 278. Read more »

switching to Atripla >worried

Posted by mauka, 8 Replies
...My doc convinced me to switch to Atripla since after taking crixivan for about ten years my triglycerides are pretty dang high(over 600). I've been taking Norvir, Crixivan Read more »
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