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How Long Do You Have To Live Once You're Diagnosed With Hiv

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Flu Season and Living With HIV

Introduction What Is the Flu? How Do You Get the Flu? Who Is at Risk For the Flu? What Are the Symptoms? How Do You Diagnose the Flu? How Do You Prevent the Flu? How Do You Treat the Flu Virus? How Do You Treat Flu Symptoms? What About Flu Shots? Concerns For People Living With HIV Concerns For Pregnant Women, Children and People Over 50 Introduction Influenza, or simply the flu, is a serious respiratory infection that makes...
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hi Dr.Sherer, how long does the average person live who is living with HIV if he /she was diagnosed early enough , take meds as prescribed, exercises, and easts health in these days of the disease? I am 22 and was diagnosed a few month , it is...
Renslow Sherer, M.D.

Response from Renslow Sherer, M.D.

University of Chicago Hospitals
In the current era of HIV treatment, 80-85% of people have a response to ART like yours, with full viral suppression and rising CD4 cells. The estimates for long term survival are highest for someone who 'gets it right' with the very... Read more »

Newly diagnosed with HIV "can i live?"

dear expert,i am recently diagnosed pos for HIV. i am getting mad and kept myself in my room isolated. how can i live now? is it going to kill me soon? can i live long life? my dream to be a singer is ruined forever. what a fate......
Erik Glenn, M.A.

Response from Erik Glenn, M.A.

Chicago Black Gay Mens Caucus
Thanks for your questions,Yes you can live. And yes you can realize your dream of being a singer! Many of the things that you've feeling are absolutely normal. Lots of people are living long and healthy lives with HIV. However, this means an... Read more »

Once Diagnosed With Aids Can You Go Back To HIV Diagnose?

I am confused! In 1996 I was tcount of 196 so was diagnosedwith aids. And told that from then on I would be classified as having aids no matter what my levels were. then went on different types of regimes and still meds stop working and some...
Judith Feinberg, M.D.

Response from Judith Feinberg, M.D.

University of Cincinnati, College of Medicine
Once you have a diagnosis of AIDS, you have that diagnosis forever. Your doctor is mistaken. Disability is not my area of expertise, so I'm not going to try to give you input on that.... Read more »

Re: How long will I live, or time for career change?

In response to Nelson Vergel's answer to the question "How long do I have to live; or time for a career change?"; Nelson must be one of the Stuart Smalley's of the HIV/AIDS pseudo-medical community."The fact is that newly...
Nelson Vergel, B.S.Ch.E., M.B.A.

Response from Nelson Vergel, B.S.Ch.E., M.B.A.

Program for Wellness Restoration
Thanks Mick for giving us your insightI am a 25 year long term survivor on salvage therapy with over 60 friends dead, so I think I know what I am talking about.Most of the things you are taking about belong to yours and my life, but you cannot... Read more »
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once diagnosed how do you stop obsessing and self analyzing

Posted by change33
Time waiting is the hardest part of it. I haven't fully emotionally crashed as yet, but the reality that I may have affected some one else I care for is killing me more than the thought of myself being possibly being HIV +. My skin, my weight and... Read more »

Living in NYC - Newly Diagnosed.

Posted by DBEARNYC, 7 Replies
Hello whoever you are. I'm a 47 year old nice guy, diagnosed in April 2007, at the time, I was in a new relationship going back and forth to Chicago every weekend. He does not know his status. Broke up on Xmas eve. I feel so fucking alone here in... Read more »

Once the fluid containing HIV dries, is it dead?

Posted by Anonymous, 1 Reply
Once vaginal secretion dry, would the HIV in them die? And how long would HIV live if it were into underwear? Would it die once soaked in? Read more »

How long will He Live?

Posted by reed, 3 Replies
my brother was told he had AIDS in 1995 hes lived a long time but now the doctors have taken ALL meds away from him except morphine to keep him comfortable. my question is this with his CD4's at 0 and a walking skeleton who is almost bed ridden what... Read more »