How Long Do I Wait To Get Tested After Swallowing Cum

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spit or swallow which is safer ? (SPIT OR SWALLOW, 2010)

what is safer to spit or to swallow ? is it safe to spit ? can you still get an std from if you spit cum out ?
Robert J. Frascino, M.D.

Response from Robert J. Frascino, M.D.

The Robert James Frascino AIDS Foundation
...stomach would kill any virus it would be safer that having it in our mouth and spitting it out. I guess this would also go along that old pharse "What is the Difference between like and love - Spit or Swallow". Whould this go along those same... Read more »


I was reading some of the questions on this site concerning HIV and swallowing, I'm exclusive with... Read more »

swallow or spit (SPIT OR SWALLOW, 2009)

hi, is it safe to swallow the cum from a guy? some says its okay but I want to be assured Read more »
Project Inform

Systemic Candidiasis

...short time. However, they may be the best choice for someone with a very sore or dry mouth. Rinses are held in the mouth for as long as possible and should be swilled around and then swallowed. They are used at least four times a day and... Read more »
AIDS InfoNet


...with AIDS are infected with crypto. Only some of these infections lead to serious disease. Crypto causes a lot of diarrhea, along with nausea, vomiting, and stomach cramps. In people with healthy immune systems, these symptoms do not last more... Read more »
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HIV and Safer Sex

...friction by using a lot of lube to help prevent small cuts or tears in the vagina, rectum, or penis. Silicone-based lube will last longer than water-based lube. Because you're not using a condom, oil-based lube can also be used. Avoid getting... Read more »
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HIV Transmission

...Mutual masturbation (hand jobs) and fisting (using a hand to penetrate the anus or vagina): These are relatively low risk, as long as your hand has no open cuts or sores. Sexual assault or rape can result in infection if the attacker is HIV... Read more »
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Anxiety over test tomorrow

Posted by Anonymous, 1 Reply
...blame but myself. And I can;t talk to any of my friends about this because I don;t know if they will understand. Sorry for the long post. thanks for listening to the rambling of a crazy person. Crystal Read more »

Swallowing Cum

Posted by Anonymous, 2 Replies married and we have been having an affair for a little over 2 years and he uses a condom for anal but now I have started swallowing his cum during oral sex. Read more »

wife had one encounter...when to test?

Posted by Anonymous, 3 Replies
...point. Should we do this one or wait till later? Is it 28+/- x #days? Also for those of you that have followed this board a long time, about how many positives have come out of giving oral, as this is our only encounter. I realize the... Read more »

I don't know what to think anymore.

Posted by Anonymous, 7 Replies
I recently put up a post explaining that 24 hrs after giving my bf a blow job I was sick with tonsilitis. I explained that I didn't swallow any cum and very little pre cum. I was satisfied with the response that I probably didn't have HIV, until... Read more »