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How Good Are Hiv Meds

Here's a taste of what has to offer on this topic:
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Goji Berries are they good with hiv meds?

Posted by sweetvanilla27, 3 Replies
I have been searching for healthy foods to eat whilst starting my ARV meds and online i came across Goji berries, they are full of antioxidants.

Would you recommend eating them? Read more »

Does anyone feel good on meds??

Posted by Anonymous, 6 Replies
I found out I was HIV pos last year. Doing well, feeling great, normal CD4 and percentages and VL less than 1500 on three tests. No meds needed yet per my HIV doc.
Reading the posts here and letters to the experts it seems everyone is having problems... Read more »

HIV meds and Depression meds?

Posted by Anonymous, 3 Replies
Hello. I have known of my positive status for two years now. I was put on Epivir, Viread, and Sustiva in February of 2004. My labs are good, and I feel great, as my viral load is almost undetectable. This summer I have had some problems with... Read more »

Recently Diagnosed and are there any good ways to meet HIV+ women?

Posted by Vegas, 5 Replies
Contracted HIV one month ago and I am scared to live life lonely. Any good advice on meeting others with my condition? Never had a problem prior to this as I generally had myself grad, job, and decent looking. Dating websites,... Read more »

any good resources about transmission?

Posted by Anonymous, 1 Reply
I am a 27 yr old female who was diagnosed hiv+ 4 months ago. I
started my meds and w/in a month had gotten the virus to an
undetectable state and my CD4 count up. I am dealing w/ things
pretty well mostly b/c my family and the few friends I have
chos... Read more »
Ask the Experts

new hiv med Raltegravir looks good and is the future of hiv meds

Dr Bob, l read there is a new hiv drug on the market which is early in its stage called raltegravir and its a integrase inhibitor, a nother name for it could be isentress, the drug has no reported side effects... Dr Bob what do you know about this...
Robert J. Frascino, M.D.

Response from Robert J. Frascino, M.D.

The Robert James Frascino AIDS Foundation
Hello,What do I know about Isentress (raltegravir)?? Well, I know it quite well. In fact, I just swallowed one!Isentress is indeed an inhibitor of the HIV-1 integrase enzyme. This is a novel new mechanism of action for antiretroviral agents. It is... Read more »

Are there good Indian HIV meds?

I am traveling to India in January and will be there for an extended period of time. I currently take Norvir, Lexiva, and Truvada. I am wondering if there are any equivalents in India and whether the products there are as effective as American...
Mark Holodniy, M.D., F.A.C.P., C.I.C.

Response from Mark Holodniy, M.D., F.A.C.P., C.I.C.

Stanford University, School of Medicine
Yes, HIV drugs are being manufactured by companies in India, and would include almost all the medications you are currently taking.... Read more »

Blood Pressure Meds and HIV Meds -- Not a good mix

I'm in a medication rut. I've failed nearly every class of medications for blood pressure out there; some due to side effects (metabolic reactions with HIV meds, that were never known at the time), and the rest due to my body being...
Keith Henry, M.D.

Response from Keith Henry, M.D.

University of Minnesota, School of Medicine
Blood pressure control can be challenging even in the general population. In many cases low (better tolerated) doses of 2-3 classes of BP meds are needed (such as a B blocker, a diuretic, and an ACE inhibitor) so mixing and matching with frequent... Read more »

I am off HIV meds more than I am on, do I have good genetics or ?

Not exactly a question, but I have not been on steady HIV drugs in about 15 years. I was diagnosed in 1992. I am on Atripla now, but only take it for a few weeks at a time. When my Tcells drop to around 250 and my viral load is in the 10's of...
Keith Henry, M.D.

Response from Keith Henry, M.D.

University of Minnesota, School of Medicine
It is great that you continue to be doing well clinically-there is a wide range of progression rates to serious clinical problems so you may be on the fortunate side of the scale. I do not recommend starting and stopping Atripla since it is highly... Read more »
Canadian AIDS Treatment Information Exchange

HIV and Aging

What gives me the most enthusiasm is still being alive and in very good health after more than 16 years. I'm here to say that it's possible to live with HIV and find a path that allows us to live in a positive way. -- Jacques, 63 It's great... Read more »
The Center for AIDS

Good Antidepressant Pill-Taking Linked to Better Antiretroviral Pill-Taking

In a study of U.S. veterans with HIV infection and depression, people who took antidepressant drugs according to schedule (good adherence) also took their antiretrovirals according to schedule most of the time. 1 This finding is important because... Read more »
U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

New York: Health Center Closing for Good

After 12 years of providing medical and non-medical assistance for HIV/AIDS patients, Catholic Charities' Adult Day Health Care program in Freeport will close at the end of January. The demand for the program's services has declined as the outlook... Read more »

You and Your Meds: The Dance of a Lifetime

As the saying goes: It takes two to tango. If you're on HIV treatment, those antiretrovirals you take every day are your lifelong dance partner. With good preparation and coordination, you and your meds will dance together beautifully -- a... Read more »