How Do You Get Hiv In The First Place

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Best place for HIV treatment

Being a long-term survivor since 1990 and doing great, I'm faced with my next challenge. I live in Hawaii and I want to move back to the Mainland US to receive better HIV healthcare. Where in the US do you recommend that will provide me with the...
Nancy Breuer

Response from Nancy Breuer

WorkPositive, Inc.
...You've written a question that's really outside my expertise, but I can tell you confidently that there are many places now where you can receive excellent care--even warm ones!If I were you, I'd ask this question widely, including your insurance Read more »

The best place for HIV treatment?

Being a long-term survivor since 1990 and doing great, I'm faced with my next challenge. I live in... Read more »
U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Connecticut: A Place for Second Chances -- Tabor House Marks 20 Years of Helping Homeless Men With HIV/AIDS Live Their Lives and Regain Their Pride

...atmosphere of peace. Convalescent homes weren't taking them in and their families were afraid. These people were shunned; they had no place to go." Thanks to advances in HIV/AIDS treatment, the focus has changed. Tabor House now helps maintain... Read more »
Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation

U.K. Motion Calls on International Development Department to Place Women at Center of HIV/AIDS Efforts

...members of Parliament in the United Kingdom have signed a motion that calls on the Department for International Development to place women at the center of its HIV/AIDS strategies worldwide, the Herald Express reports. The motion, part... Read more »
Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation

Teacher-Student Relationships in Kenyan Province Place Girls at Increased Risk for HIV, Education Official Says

... An increasing number of sexual relationships between teachers and students in Kenya's Nyanza province is placing girls at increased risk of HIV/AIDS, Geoffrey Cherongis, Nyanza's provincial director of education, said recently, IRIN/ Plus Read more »
Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation

Isolation, Lack of Knowledge Place Indigenous Community in Kenya at Risk of HIV, Advocates Say

...leave the forest for urban settlements and rural plantations, where interaction with higher-prevalence communities can take place, IRIN/ PlusNews reports. The Minority Rights Group International and CEMIRIDE conducted a study that found an... Read more »
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Best place to live in USA with HIV?

Posted by TonyBakerOK, 4 Replies
...receive 741 a month, I receive less services, than is I was NOT disabled, made more money and on Ryan White medical.. In other places , services are for HIV poz, or AIDS, doesn't matter your insurance. BUT here they seem to think Ryan White is... Read more »

Best places to live on the East Coast with the HIV

Posted by christo, 1 Reply
...option if possible. Also looking for people to chat with and find friends online, etc. as a support group. Since I work most places are closed or all the programs are over and it is hard to find that good support. Read more »

China is a bad place to be HIV positive

Posted by JAdam
...Hello, My name is Adam. I live in China. I am Canadian. One of my best friends was recently diagnosed HIV positive. She is Chinese, 39, a successful business woman. She desperately needs support. She is considering moving to Canada Read more »

a place for HIV poz people to come and cill...

Posted by Anonymous, 2 Replies
...started describing in great detail why he was there. To make a long story short, I lost my job and apt. I went from staying from places to places to shetlers, but I have completely bounced back, I am doing well, with a new job and a new... Read more »
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