How Do I Know If I Am Hiv Positive

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knowing of HIV positiveness and grief process

Hello Doctor Shernoff! I am about to finish my degree in Psychology at the University of Oporto, Portugal. I am working in supervision with additcs, and was faced with having, for the first time, to assist a pacient be transmited of his HIV...
Michael Shernoff, M.S.W.

Response from Michael Shernoff, M.S.W.

Psychotherapist and Author
...The dynamics are much more of crisis than grief upon first learning of one's being HIV positive. Eventually, weeks or months later some mourning may or may not emerge for one's illusion of immortality. The initial Read more »

let you know the result after oral sex from hiv positive

Hi Doc! Remember I told you I will donate after my 88 day result come back. I already donate... Read more »

robert theres medicine for hiv/aids (HOO-IMM , 2010)

i know a person in mumbai who was tested hiv positive in 1997 (through western blot metod)and after... Read more »
U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Canada: Emerging Face of AIDS; Heterosexual Females May Not Know They Are HIV-Positive Until They Nearly Die

...HIV-infected females rose to 25.4 percent of reported cases from 12 percent in 1997. Brian Warrington, executive director of the AIDS Committee of Guelph and Wellington, believes the number of infected women could be higher. "Women are not... Read more »
The Center for AIDS

25 Things You Should Know if You Are HIV-Positive prevent MAC , a bacterial infection that can kill you. 1 Choose a doctor with experience in the treatment of HIV/AIDS. The more experience, the better. This is the most important decision you can make. Keeping up with... Read more »
Black AIDS Institute

Is the National HIV/AIDS Strategy Good for Black Americans? Part 3: Reducing HIV-Related Disparities

...series examining the strategy's impact on Black communities. This article is cross-posted from the Sept. 21 edition of Black AIDS Weekly , the newsletter of the Black AIDS Institute . When the Obama administration unveiled its new National... Read more »
Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation

Chicago Tribune Examines HIV/AIDS Epidemic Among Women in Lesotho

...that would allow women to control property, inheritance and their bodies, the Tribune reports. Joanne Csete, director of the HIV/AIDS and human rights program at Human Rights Watch , said, "Women and girls in Africa are dying by the millions,... Read more »