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How Do Bone Problems Spread

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AIDS InfoNet

Mycobacterium Avium Complex (MAC)

...Mycobacterium Avium Complex (MAC) is a serious illness caused by common bacteria. MAC is also known as MAI ( Mycobacterium Avium Intracellulare). MAC infection can be localized (limited to one part of your body) or disseminated (spread through your whole body, sometimes called DMAC). MAC infection often occurs in the lungs, intestines, bone marrow, liver and spleen. The bacteria that cause MAC are very common. They are found in water, soil,...
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Testosterone Treatment

Dr. Henry,I have been infected for going on 9 years, but haven't started meds yet. I'm in this big debate on this issue, because my numbers have remained good--CD4 around 800 and vl always below 27,000.I recently had a lot of fatigue after the...
Keith Henry, M.D.

Response from Keith Henry, M.D.

University of Minnesota, School of Medicine
...have reported less fatigue (though not guaranteed), increased libido, and less depression. There may be positive effects on bone health though data still limited. For now use of testosterone supplementation is a quality of life issue for most... Read more »

Can dog parvo spread to humans

I was bitten by a dog and became anemic severals months later and then was diagnosed thru a bone marrow biopsy as having Parvo Virus. Could I have caught the parvo from the dog bite? (By the way, I have had less than 10 T-cells for several years)
J. B. Molaghan, N.P., A.C.R.N.

Response from J. B. Molaghan, N.P., A.C.R.N.

San Francisco General Hospital
HelloHuman parvovirus B19 is presumed to be transmitted via respiratory secretions and via blood transfusion. I don't know of transmission through a dogbite, however, human parvovirus B19 is from the same genus as canine parvovirus (CPV). You've... Read more »

On treatment for TB but Dr. not sure I have it.

This is a long one but I hope you can answer my question. My husband is currently in the hospital undergoing treatment for TB as well as for other possible illnesses. His CD4 cell count is very low and the Dr. has suspended his HIV treatment due to...
Joseph McGowan, M.D., F.A.C.P.

Response from Joseph McGowan, M.D., F.A.C.P.

North Shore University Hospital
...and effect virtually any organ of the body. It can be particularly problematic in people with HIV infection because TB can spread more quickly when the immune system is out of balance, it can by itself lower the CD4 count because it induces... Read more »

Broken blood vessal on the shin

I got hit by a baseball below the knee right on the bone. The doctor has told me there is a broken blood vessel. I am getting a lot of bruising around the ankle and it has been for a week. Is this normal and or what treatment should be taken? I am...
Brian Conway, M.D.

Response from Brian Conway, M.D.

University of British Columbia
...This sounds very normal to me, following an injury of the type you describe. After an injury, the blood under the skin will spread downwards and appear at a location that may be distant from the site of the original trauma. You might try... Read more »
The Well Project


...and enter the bloodstream. Once in the bloodstream they travel to other parts of the body including the brain, kidneys, and bones. This is called "extrapulmonary TB." Extrapulmonary TB is more likely in people with advanced HIV disease. People... Read more »
The Well Project


...Cancer refers to the abnormal and uncontrolled growth of certain cells that can interfere with normal body functions. Cancer can spread (metastasize) from where it originates to other organs and parts of the body. Cancer can destroy healthy cells... Read more »
The Well Project

Understanding the Immune System

...some disease (e.g., smallpox) is used. Neutrophils Neutrophils are another type of white blood cell. They are made in the bone marrow. When they are needed to fight infection, they leave the marrow and travel anywhere in the body to fight it.... Read more »
AIDS InfoNet

Cytomegalovirus (CMV)

...retinitis. This is the death of cells in the retinas, the back of the eye. It can quickly cause blindness unless treated. CMV can spread throughout the body and infect several organs at once. The risk of CMV is highest when CD4 cell counts are... Read more »
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At My Wits End.....!

Posted by vern, 2 Replies a coincidence. My questions: 1. Sound like it could be ARS to you? 2. Does arthralgia mean pain in the joint or any bone and does it occur with movement or is it like a dull aching pain throughout regardless of movement? Could it also... Read more »

Advice Please!

Posted by Anonymous, 4 Replies
...ex-boyfriend about a month and a half ago. About 2 weeks ago I had a pimplish outbreak on my chest in between my breasts that spread up to my collar bones. I also had it on my neck and my face broke out too. It did not itch, some of them kind... Read more »

HIV related AVN (Avascular Necrosis) - Bone Death

Posted by Anonymous, 1 Reply
...with acute pain on my left groin. The pain was crippling and never went away. After months of pain, which eventually began to spread to other parts of the body (joints), I was diagnosed with AVN (Avascular Necrosis) which now has affected both... Read more »

"It's been one crazy year for me"

Posted by Anonymous, 6 Replies
...up w/PID another vaginal infection that women get who have HIV or have had Claymadia for alomg time and don't know it till it spreads to the tubes and cervics. Well I did not have the std for along time so my doc did not understand why I got the... Read more »