How Common Is Facial Wasting Modern HIV Medication

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New drug for Aids Wasting Disease

I would like to learn more about Serono's new drug, Serostim. How does it differfrom the growth hormones on the market now and what are it's advantages over them? Is it reimbursable? Is it readily available? What clinicals are out there?
Cal Cohen, M.D., M.S.

Response from Cal Cohen, M.D., M.S.

Harvard Medical School
...mass. The major draw-back to this drug is cost. It is extremely expensive-- certainlymuch more than any other treatment for wasting other than TPN. Since it was just approved, I cannot say how insurance companies will be dealing with... Read more »

Aids wasting and drug therapy

Is there a correlation between viral supression and drastic weight loss? Since I've been a zero... Read more »

Facial wasting w/o medication

Is it possible to experience facial wasting without being on any medications? In other words, is... Read more »
Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation

Wall Street Journal Examines Pricing History of Thalidomide, Cancer Drug Used Off-Label to Treat AIDS-Related Wasting

...drug, according to the Journal . The approval gave physicians the opportunity to prescribe the drug off-label for AIDS-related wasting. In clinical trials, Thalomid -- which is manufactured and marketed by the drug company Celgene -- reduced... Read more »
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State, Federal Officials Intensify Investigation of Serono Marketing Practices for AIDS-Wasting Drug

...Wall Street Journal , 4/15). Serostim, which is a growth hormone, is prescribed to HIV-positive patients to treat AIDS-related wasting. Many AIDS patients receive the drug through the state-federal Medicaid program, which includes the... Read more »
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Boston Globe Examines AIDS Advocates' Lobbying Efforts Against AIDS-Related Wasting Drug Maker Serono

..."soured relations" between HIV/AIDS advocates and Swiss biotechnology company Serono over pricing practices of its AIDS-related wasting drug Serostim "threaten to haunt" the company as it seeks FDA approval for a new use for the drug (Kerber,... Read more »
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AIDS Healthcare Foundation Says Drug Used to Treat AIDS Wasting Not Essential for Treatment for people with HIV/AIDS in the United States, last month said that the drug Serostim, which is used to treat AIDS-related wasting, is not essential for treatment and that patients use the drug primarily to improve their appearances... Read more »