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Hiv Patient Left Leg And Arm Pain Difficulty In Movements

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Asymmetrical Leg & Arm Pain/Weakness

HiMy partner was diagnosed with HIV in 2000. He had been suffering from a virus-type illness, which we now presume to be seroconversion. At this time his legs and arms became very painful. A constant dull ache with severe shooting pains that were...
Keith Henry, M.D.

Response from Keith Henry, M.D.

University of Minnesota, School of Medicine
Asymmetric pain like that makes it unlikely to be due to the usual toxic (drug) or HIV-related neuropathy. Seeing a neurologist sounds like a very good idea. A history of some form of nerve entrapment, post-herpetic neuralgia, reflex sympathetic... Read more »

intermittent loss of hearing with left right eye movement

viral load 25,000 t-cells 500, lowest 300, never on any long term antivirals..currently on none. 4... Read more »

Heavy legs and arms

Hello,About two years ago I first experienced odd feelings of heaviness and mild soreness in my... Read more »
Community HIV/AIDS Mobilization Project

HIV/AIDS and the Fight for Universal Health Care: Bridging the Movements

6:30 - 8:30 PM, The LGBT Community Center, New York City Nearly 50 million people in the United States do not have health insurance in our current for-profit, employer-based insurance system. The fight for a single-payer national health program... Read more »
Body Positive

Readers' Forum: Prisoners Write About the Difficulty of Living with HIV in Prison

Overcoming Prejudice in Prison For 20 years, since I was infected with the HIV/AIDS virus, I have been fighting two battles: one against the virus itself, and the other against the prejudice that surrounds it. How many times have you heard other... Read more »
American Psychiatric Press

Disclosing HIV Status to Patients: An HIV Positive Therapist Responds

Introduction One of the most significant issues for each psychotherapist is how to make the most disciplineduse of self while remaining empathically connected to the patient. The literature is full ofdiscussions about how not to allow the... Read more »
Brown Medical School

Managing Sexually Transmitted Diseases in Jails

Introduction Epidemiology Difficulties Diagnosing and Treating STDs in Jails Diagnosis of STDs Treatment Conclusion References Introduction Correctional environments are increasingly being recognized as settings in which society's... Read more »
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Why are my legs and arms jumping?

Posted by Anonymous, 3 Replies
I am pretty certain that I was exposed two months ago, and since then have been doing a lot of research on HIV / AIDS. I have discovered that Opportunistic Infections often accompany Acute HIV infection, which I believe that I experienced (all of my... Read more »

Aching feeling in the groin and arm pits

Posted by Anonymous, 1 Reply
Had protected encounter with sex worker in late December. Tested at 4 weeks and 8 both neg. All these while with very painful toncils on my left side. Saw an ENT and he said that there are some swollen lymph nodes and might be tongcilists. I... Read more »

Drug Holidays may be over for HIV patients.

Posted by sunkyst, 3 Replies
Good article on a new study about HIV drug holidays. Read more »

Four weeks left to go

Posted by Sprite1, 3 Replies
No screaming anguish this time, I promise. Sorry.

It's now four weeks to go for the 'make or break' test. Weighing up all the odds statistically, I'll be fine... looking at my symptoms, and, heart-breakingly, those of my partner, I'm not remotely... Read more »