Hiv Concentration In Body Fluids

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Concentrations of HIV in body fluids

According to AIDS books and research articles, there are enormous amount of hiv in body fluids(some millions per ml,to my memory) Dr.Sowadsky, what would be the REAL hiv concentration in the body fluids in the worset situation?(for example, in the...
Rick Sowadsky, M.P.H.

Response from Rick Sowadsky, M.P.H.

Nevada State Health Division AIDS Program
...vaginal secretions of a person with HIV.Viral load in semen and vaginal secretions:Generally speaking, the viral load in these body fluids roughly correlates with the viral load in the blood. In other words, when the viral load in the blood is... Read more »

HIV concentrations

Could you please tell me what the concentrations of HIV are in various body fluids (blood, semen,... Read more »

HIV consentrations in body fluids

I teach a HIV Prevention Counselor Training class. A participant asked if the consentration of HIV... Read more »
U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

HIV Transmission

... How is HIV passed from one person to another? Which body fluids transmit HIV? How well does HIV survive outside the body? Can I get HIV from anal sex? Can I get HIV from vaginal sex? Read more »
Rick Sowadsky, M.S.P.H.

HIV Antibody Tests -- Now You Have Several Choices

...test, what does a Negative, Positive, and Indeterminate test result mean? What makes each of these tests different, are the body fluids used for testing, and how the specimens are collected. Each type of antibody test has it's own advantages... Read more »
San Francisco AIDS Foundation

How HIV Is Spread

...example, the virus is very concentrated. A small amount of blood is enough to infect someone. A much larger amount of other body fluids is needed for HIV transmission. 3. ...and it must get into the bloodstream. It is not enough to come into... Read more »
Rick Sowadsky, M.S.P.H.

Frequently Asked Questions (I)

... What exactly is AIDS? Definition of AIDS Which body fluids can transmit the HIV virus, and which ones don't? How is HIV transmitted? Criteria for HIV transmission Can you get HIVRead more »
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Hiv survival on organic surfaces (e.g. skin, hair)

Posted by Antre, 2 Replies
...I do not have medical knowledge). We know that HIV does not survive for very long outside the body. Actually as soon as the body fluids that contains are dried then 90-99% of the virus is not active, so there are no worries of contamination due... Read more »

body fluid touched the skin without intercourse

Posted by mona811
...can anyone tell me that if body fluid has touched the skin without intercoursing can person be effected with hivRead more »

HIV infection from dried blood?

Posted by panic05, 5 Replies
...I got a question on HIV infection from dried blood. I know no one has been infected with HIV due to contact with toilet seat so far. But I am still worrying Read more »

touch the body fluid?

Posted by Anonymous, 3 Replies
...pinprick I accidentally punctured myself two days ago. But today I was told that among those guys attending the party, one is HIV positive. This made me worry a lot. What are the chances for me to get HIV from this possible direct hand touch of... Read more »
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