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Hiv Can You Get It From A Metal Scratch

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metal coat hanger scratches (worried mum!!!!)

Dear Expert My daughter who is 15 has just started some casual work with a clothing retail Company. When they have to put the clothes back for show, thay have been taught to place about 20 or more hangers on their arms and take them back that way....
Nancy Breuer

Response from Nancy Breuer

WorkPositive, Inc.
HIV, no. Hepatitis, a remote possibility if a positive co-worker bled on the same hanger and your daughter's blood came into contact with the dried blood on the hanger. It's a remote chance, but why not just eliminate it by putting a denim... Read more »

Nail scratching ((HIV infection)) (HIV TRANSMISSION FROM FINGERNAIL SCRATCH, 2011)

Hi Dr. Robert,I had sex with a lady that I don't know. I used a cndom, but my concern that she... Read more »


Dear Doc I am helping PLHA in one of small organization in our country. last week I got nail... Read more »
U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Little Help in Russia for AIDS Sufferers; Fear, Ignorance Lead to Limited Patient Care

Peering between the tall metal bars of his bed, Vanya, age four, sees dozens of nurses come and go. Some stay a few months, providing rudimentary care to Vanya and 27 other children crammed into four dilapidated rooms with barred windows at the end... Read more »
AIDS Survival Project

Why Do We Tolerate People Who Are HIV Positive and Spreading the Disease?

"We have all these programs and HIV prevention people are scratching their heads saying, 'How can we help people with HIV?' When it is all said and done it's up to the community to say, 'we just don't want HIV to spread.'" So says Thomas J. Coates,... Read more »
Test Positive Aware Network

Pickett Fences: Pity Lust

Jim Pickett It's been a while since I've totally gone off on a rant. And there's this little incident, actually pretty minor in the grand scheme of things, that nonetheless has just been working my last frayed nerve since it happened. So I'm... Read more »
U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

African Mining May Be Driving TB Epidemic: Study

Along with diamonds, gold, and other precious metals, Africa's mines help to produce a significant number of the continent's tuberculosis cases, according to researchers from Britain and the United States. Poor living and working conditions for the... Read more »
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dry metallic tasting white tongue? thrush?

Posted by Anonymous, 2 Replies
recently i developed slightly white yellowish thin coating to my tongue. i've been a pretty regular smoker for ten years, and quit cold turkey when i saw this. i can brush my tongue to the point where it is ALMOST gone, but not entirely. then... Read more »

HIV from Scratch

Posted by Anonymous, 4 Replies
To Whom it May Concern:
Here is my dilemma. A couple of months ago I visited a "titty bar" and received three lap dances. During one of the dances I felt the dancer scratch my neck with her fingernail. Throughout the remainder of our session... Read more »

Infection throgh scratches

Posted by Anonymous, 1 Reply

Hope someone can advise.

I've always been served by this HIV positive beautician for about 2 years and have not feared for my life before. BUT since 11 Oct 1999, I've been living in fear of contracting HIV.

On that day, while she was massaging... Read more »

For the worried well about Bird scratches

Posted by Anonymous, 1 Reply
It is impossible to become infected with The HIV Virus from Birds.

Dr. Anonymous 2001

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