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Hiv Antiviral Therapy Side Effects

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AIDS InfoNet

Enfuvirtide (Fuzeon)

...What About Drug Resistance? How Is Enfuvirtide Taken? What Are The Side Effects? How Does It React With Other Drugs? The Bottom Line What Is Enfuvirtide? Enfuvirtide, also called FuzeonĀ® or T-20, is a drug used for antiviral therapy. It is manufactured by Roche and Trimeris. Enfuvirtide is the first "fusion inhibitor" drug. When HIV infects a cell, it attaches to the outside of the cell. Then it "fuses" or joins itself with the...
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Trade off for HBV anti-viral therapy

Dr McGovern,Thanks you very much for giving me medical advices. I would like to ask a question just to fulfill my curiosity. If you don't have spare time please ignore this question.The recent drugs for treating HBV seem to have very low resistance...
Barbara McGovern, M.D.

Response from Barbara McGovern, M.D.

Tufts University School of Medicine
...As with many drugs, we don't know the long term effect of chronic therapy for years and years. You always want to balance risk and benefit of every drug you use. If there is no detectable Read more »

HIV and blood clots as a side effect.

Is there any old or recent research evidence that might link the formation of DVT clots in the legs to HIV antiviral therapies using Crixivan and Combivir? I was just admitted to the hospital after experiencing deep ache/pain in my thigh. A blod...
Keith Henry, M.D.

Response from Keith Henry, M.D.

University of Minnesota, School of Medicine
There is a slight increase in blood clots among some patients on PIs (such as indinavir) though HIV infection itself may predispose to increased clots as well so that is hard to sort out in many/most cases. KH Read more »

Alternative thinking?

Dear Reverend,Have you read any of the material written by the growing number of scientists who question the role of HIV in AIDS? Personally, as a scientist, my conscience is extremely troubled by the unwillingness of my colleagues to address this...
Steven Pieters

Response from Steven Pieters

Metropolitan Community Church of LA this day that HIV is indeed a major cause of developing AIDS. My own doctor has demonstrated to me over and over again the effects of HIV infection on my whole system. Because I know today's treatments can be difficult to take, I have been... Read more »

Side Effects...

When will the new drugs come out which will counteract the side effects from the drugs designed to counteract the side effects of the antiviral therapy?
John A. Bartlett, M.D.

Response from John A. Bartlett, M.D.

Duke University Medical Center
...There is active research into the development of new drugs to counteract the side effects of antiretroviral therapy. First, we need to continue to expand our understanding of how these drugs cause side effects. After Read more »
AIDS InfoNet

Silymarin (Milk Thistle), like ragweed. How Does It Interact With Other Therapies? There are no documented interactions of milk thistle with antiviral therapy (ART). One study showed no effect of milk thistle on blood levels of the protease inhibitor... Read more »
AIDS InfoNet

Raltegravir (Isentress)

...How Does it React With Other Drugs? The Bottom Line What Is Raltegravir? Raltegravir (Isentress) is a drug used for antiviral therapy against HIV. It was formerly known as MK-0518. It is manufactured by Merck. Raltegravir is the first... Read more »
Gay Men's Health Crisis

Antiviral Therapy: How Simple Can You Get?

...From Three Times a Day to Two The advent of twice-a-day AZT and Combivir triggered a trend toward eliminating tid dosing from antiviral therapy. In developing amprenavir, Glaxo decided upon a thrice- daily schedule although it means that... Read more »
Project Inform

Making Decisions About Therapies

...Decision, Consider ... When to Start? Starting any therapy can cause anxiety. There is no one proven "right" time to start anti-HIV therapy, for example, for everyone. There are differing opinions about starting therapy early in the course... Read more »
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advice needed..

Posted by cdhaileyp7, 3 Replies
...the years, I have had four children and was on treatments throughout my pregnancies. I have a hard time coping with the side effects of the meds, I noticed that during my pregnancies the side effects did not bother much or even at all. My last... Read more »

HIV and the brain - update

Posted by ScotCharles, 6 Replies
...that the condition could be stopped or even reversed with proper treatment. Indeed, doctors commonly see patients who begin antiviral therapy and immediately are less confused and have improved brain functioning, but the effect generally fades as... Read more »

Starting Medication

Posted by flekkzz, 1 Reply
...started feeling really depressed and I have panic attacks which I have it before and I stop medicating because I don't like the side effect and I noticed that I forget things a lot and even sometimes tried to remember the word I want to say and... Read more »

My First Labs: Please Share Your Thoughts

Posted by Anonymous
...interpret a relatively low CD4 and a low viral load count together? Question 2: My doc gave me a couple of options: 1. start antiviral therapy right away. 2. Wait a month a test the labs again to see if the CD4 comes up (due to the... Read more »